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Case Study – Greg Greg, a 16-year-old Aboriginal young man who is one of five siblings, all younger. Greg had been arrested for stealing and breaking and entering, he has already entered Detention once. Greg has been chroming since he was aged 9. Greg and his family are also known to Child Safety Services for a history of abuse and neglect, primarily around domestic violence in the family and a lack of supervision and neglect of the children. When Greg was aged around 9, he reported that he had been sexually abused by a family member, however, this was never proven, and Greg later withdrew his allegations. No further action occurred in relation to this due to a lack of evidence. The family live in a regional Aboriginal Community where there are some ongoing social issues with regards to chroming, there has been a high suicide rate, a high prevalence of domestic and family violence and alcohol abuse despite being a dry community. Greg has had a poor attendance at school and his teacher has been very concerned about his increasing memory loss due to chroming. Greg is looked up to by many of the younger boys. Last week, a close friend of Greg’s suicided by hanging. The community has been in mourning and Greg has been significantly affected by this. The community elders have called a meeting of the services and the Justice Group due to their fear that this may cause a spate of suicides, as has happened in the past. They were also concerned that the young man you suicided had been drug affected at the time.


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