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Description The aim of my project is To defin******** cost ********G D40z of dental extraction and restoration for uninsured patients. I need 10 research article files among them 2 files explained DMAIC methodology and 2 of them Articles explained the system of the Calvary central d******ricts hospital and other then this remaining articles explaine******** cost********cedure, and all the data related to the dental extraction in Australia for insured patients and uninsured patients. Also, I need 1 article which explaine******** Cost ********e DRG D40z procedure for dental extraction and restoration process. So basically, you have to provide 10 files and every file requires a description why we are using these articles and examples like some articles define the project scope as well and also the risk factors, principles. I need 10 articles pdf file as well for the and the reference link as well. You need to put all the details in the checkl****** file because that is the final file we have to submit so please fill that table and you need to write 180 words for every article which is explained the main points and why we are using that article. You need to write in the checkl****** file where the table is given you need to fill information in that table.


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