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This is an early draft of this workthis students assignment was alittle different to yours but givesyou some ideas.This is just for inspiration only.Go back and look at your ownclient, client brief and focus onthat.JB ROSEPR MESSAGE PLANBackground Singer/Songwriter Jubilee album coming soon Sings at weddings and similar events Works with cover band Has a choir (currently resting) Development and Community Work Expert Clean Break Vegan Mum/Cook YouTube Channel BackgroundVisual LanguageBackground 5 Principles of Caring:1. Join The Community2. Communicate In Images3. Invoke Emotions With Intention4. Create Meaningful Calls To Action5. Tell Better Stories Sentiment AnalysisMessage Controlling Idea”No more life struggles” Character: People that are struggling with life Problem: Struglling with life, whether it’s about crime, anxiety or livingan unhealthy lifestyle Guide: JB Rose Plan: Support people that are having life struggles and turn theirsituation around CTA: Expert knowledge & raising awareness for problems Failure: Not being able to live a happy life Success: Bringing back happiness in these people’s lifesPotential Journalists Will Hodgkinson Rock & Pop Critic ‘The Times’ Storm Rannard, John Hyde, etc. Local journalists covering development/community news No specific journalist required Akili King, Tom Ough, Nicole Axworthy Journalists going over (vegan) food stories Magazines, blogs with vegan as main topic Food bloggers, Music Bloggers, Influencers…WebsitePress Release Structure  Content Theme: support those whoa re strugglingduring COVID-19 & beyond & Back To Love 5 People interview on 19th of June Content of campaign Story themes coming out from COVID-19Social Media Content Calendar Posts on different social media channels When, what, which platform… Type of content Visuals Video Motivational text …


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