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Week 7 Discussion Board(100 Points)The theme for week 7 is Substance Use disorders and week 8 is Co-Morbidities – Sleeping,Eating Disorders and General Medical ConditionsPlease share a case with us that you find challenging, one that you would like to seek advice onhandling. The case must be associated with the theme of either week 7 or 8. Tell us how youhandled it and what your concern is. If you are not in clinical then use a client from yourcurrent job, a client you remember from 604, or a client or case that has always stuck with you.This can be an ethical dilemma or a management issue. Maybe you disagreed with yourpreceptor and don’t know what to do. Maybe you really need to talk to a family member butHIPAA has held you back. Did you need to advocate for your patient with an insurancecompany. Is your patient delusional and you don’t know how to work with this? Lots of choices.Then please address ONE of the following as it pertains to your patient: 1) whatneurotransmitters and CYP-450 enzymes are being affected and how the medication will addressthat, 2) recommended starting dose, frequency, route, and plans for titration, 3) all patientteaching considerations including side effects, how long side effects might continue, time tillimprovement, etc., 4) plans for follow-up (how often would you see this patient and how wouldyou evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan), or 5) what are your thoughts if there is noresponse to this medication or treatment intervention? Don’t forget to include one referencebeyond your assigned readings for this week and attach it for your peers.This Discussion Board will go for weeks 7 and 8 so the initial post is not due till this comingSunday (end of Week 7) (of course you can always do it early) Sun (Week 7): DB Initial post Wed (Week 8): DB response to at least 2classmates Fri (Week 8): One synthesis reply to allresponses EXEMPLARYPROFICIENTDEVELOPINGEMERGING10 points7.5 points5 points0-2.5 pointsPosts intimelymanner –10 pointsPosts on timeInitial Post oneday late w/onotifyinginstructor orResponse Posts toPeers late w/onotifyinginstructorResponse Posts topeers late w/onotifying instructoror Reflective Postlate w/o notifyinginstructorNo postingsor missingpostings40 points30 points20 points0-10 pointsDiscussionParticipation– 40 pointsDiscussion points inall DB posts reflectsynthesis of content,uses life experiencesto supportcomments. Logical,succinct. Keepingwithin guide of postsexpected. Last post areflection of week’scontributions.Discussion pointsin all postingsreflect somesynthesis of thecontentPartly logical,somewhatsuccinct. Keepingwithin guide ofposts expectedLast post areflection ofweek’scontributions.Discussioncomments in allpostings reflectminimalunderstanding andsynthesis of thecontentNot necessarilylogical orsuccinct. Not inkeeping withinguide of postsexpected. Partialreflection.Discussioncommentsdo notcorrelatewith coursecontent.Illogical, notSuccinct.Not inkeepingwithin guideof postsexpected.Reflectionpartial or notprovided.5 points4 points3 points0-2 pointsContributionto LearningCommunity5 pointsConsistentlyattempts to directdiscussion incommunity; tries tohelp students who donot understand DBpromptMakes occasionalefforts to leaddiscussions orassist studentsneeding helpOccasionallyresponds to otherstudents’ posts,OR responds in amanner lackingrelevance or tactFails torespond tootherstudents’posts orresponds toothers’ postsin anantisocialmanner20 points15 points10 points0-5 points Content20 pointsFully responds to allquestions in DBprompt and answerseach completelyAnswers allquestions withoutfully developinganswers for eachAnswers some ofthe questions butdoes not fullydevelop answersOff topic ornotresponsive toDB prompt,OR states “Iagree,”withoutsupportingcomments10 points7.5 points5 points2.5 pointsAccuracy10 pointsComments containaccurate informationand properly citedreferencesCommentscontain accurateinformation butreferences arecited improperlyComments do notcontain anyreferences or manyerrors present incitation.Commentsarespeculativeandunsupported10 points7.5 points5 points2.5 pointsMechanics10 pointsPosts contain minimalto no grammar orspelling errorsPosts containnoticeablenumber ofgrammar orspelling errorsNumber of spelling orgrammar errorsdetracts frommeaningPosts arelargelyincomprehensible due tospelling orgrammarerrors; postcontainstexting lingo5 points4 points3 points0-2 pointsAttachedpertinentarticle– 5 pointsAttached pertinentarticleAttached nonpertinent articlePertinent article citedbut not attachedPertinent articlenot cited andnot attached


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