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KM SYSTEM CASE STUDYRESEARCH PAPERIT-knowledge based user interface for overseasstudent at UWL.Abstract:This is paper entails the difficulties the University of West London overseas students face. Wetalked about some of the most challenging issues UWL overseas student encounters during thestudies at the university. We as a team came up with strategies to help ease the overseasstudents’ difficulties by creating a user interface using WikiMedi, XWiki, and PHP. We alsoresearch deeper to get more information from the students because they are a different part ofthe world and face different challenges. We used data mining to help users get collect importantinformation from the student to improve the international program, from the applicationprocess, courses, traveling to London, and accommodations. In order to successfully get thecorrect information from the overseas student, we created a survey, asked a lot of questions onthe application form, which includes demography, academic backgrounds, financialbackground, personal interest, and life experiences. These help us come up with a better andimprove solution method to provide solutions through our user interface. The paper also, givesexamples and scenarios from our project which entails all the technical work we have includedin the user interface and how we use data mining in the process.Introduction:This paper entails an analyzed detail for an effective knowledge management system we havecreated through MediaWiki for the University of West London overseas students. We firstintroduce what are the necessary steps to achieve an effective knowledge management system,for the university overseas student, by doing this we focus on an online base system since thestudents live in countries out the United Kingdom. Because this is all based online for both thestudent and university, we prioritized in getting as much as possible data information from thestudent to identify any difficulties they face as an overseas student. In order to get this datafrom the students, we have implemented a database in our system, where the student is goingto answer a lot of different questions from their educational background to their personal lifesuch as (gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion). Some of the key issues this data is going to helpfigure out are demographic and academic challenges, and other challenges they face as anoverseas student. We will then use this information on how we can improve their overallexperience. The data will also help the university, especially the professors who are going tobe interacting with the student on a daily basis, it’s important they understand these studentproblems as everything is being done virtually.This paper will further reflect on the technical aspect of our project. We are using MediaWikito create the web interface for the university of west London overseas student. We will also beusing another programming language to support our system in MediaWiki, HypertextPreprocessor (PHP). We choice PHP because it deals heavily with web template and interface.This will help us provide a more sophisticated yet effective online learning for UWL overseasstudent. Another key factor in our project is data mining, we used data mining as a tool toanalyzed important knowledge output from our database. Since the University of West Londonhas students from all of the world doing online course rather than in person, data mining wasthe most efficient way to help get the most relevant data from the student in order to provethem with the best knowledge and solution to their challenges. It’s important the universityidentify where are some of the most difficult challenges are coming from; for example, studentsfrom English speaking countries have a better understanding for the university applicationprocess, course and will adapt quickly to London as the United Kingdom is an Englishspeaking country. On the other hand, students from non-English speaking country are going tohave a hard time understanding the university process as everything in English and they willhave to take an English exam to prove the ability to speak English in order to gain admissioninto the school and be successful. This is where we used the data the student provided onlinethrough data mining, we used data statistics to improve our web interface and pinpoint wherewe need to focus the most intense of providing solution and management the student data.Being an overseas student comes with a lot of challenges as you are doing everything virtually.The university plays an important role in helping the student counter these challenges byproviding remedies and constantly updating or getting feedback from the student based on theirexperience. Two of the major challenges overseas student’s face are Demographic andacademic challenges.Demographic challenges: This is a very important factor as it’s one of the biggest problemsmost countries in the world is facing and it is expected to get even worse in the next 30-40years. (H, Groth). Overseas students face demographic challenges in form and aspect based ontheir location and personal life. Someone from an overpopulated third world country is goingto have a very different experience from that of someone from an underpopulated developedfirst world country. Every overseas student faces some form of challenge during their time ofstudy, however, if you are from a non-English speaking or/and undeveloped country withminimum access to the basic things for online studies, it is going to be more difficult for you.This is the same for students from a low-income background, older adult student, or studentswith disability. It’s important the university takes in to account the demography is their overseasstudent as this plays a major role in the student succeeding. The university has to create aculture where everyone is involved and keeps welcome. This is difficult for online student aseverything is done over the internet, so the university needs to get as much feedback from thestudent to help provide them the right tools. In our project we try to tackle this issue by addingmore specific questions to the application process and based on the response we get from thestudent overseas, we then used the data they provided us to identify our students around theworld and their location demography.Academic Challenges: this is very important as it’s the student number one goal to succeed inschool and be able to graduate. It is almost important for the university to make sure theirstudents are learning because it helps the university reputation. Academic challenge is verycommon for overseas students to encounter because of reasons such as language barriers,culture difference, teacher style of teaching, learning material provided, look forcommunication between student and professor. Language barriers is a huge problem and a lotof overseas student experience this especially if English is your second language. Learning adifferent language can be difficult especially if the student is studying because you have tounderstand what your lesson is about in order to successfully complete the course, you have tobe able to read, write and research paper which required a lot more details. This can be verychallenging for a non-English speaking overseas student. Culture different is another issueoverseas student’s face. Most university trend to create an open culture where students canengage with teacher and staffs to learn new things about the university, and some extraactivities. This help the student get more involved with the school and get to network with othercourse mate and staffs as well. Teaching style and experience, this is very important to consideras online learning is quite different from in-class learning. Most people find it hard to succeedin online studies and prefer in class, as you get to ask your professor questions in class andhave a better understanding as compared to online. This can be very challenging for overseasstudent because if they are doing online learning for the first time and studying in anothercountry can make it even harder. The school and professors have to consider these things tohelp make the process easy for the students.Strategy:The primary purpose of this project is to develop a IT-related Knowledge Management systemto ease out most of the problems facing by international students at the University of WestLondon which will affect their performances in their studies. Before will move to the plansand strategies that will help overseas students with their difficulties, we must dig deep down tounderstands most of this problem which will enable us to know the measures, rules, and toolsto put in place to help solve these problems. Some of the challenges overseas students encounterare: Cultural ChallengesInternational student might have a high level of English, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy forthem to study at University of West London because there are more other challenges that arenot necessarily dialectology, they also have challenges in adapting to West London Universityeducational system because of the differences in cultures from what they get used to in theirhome countries. This is might be due to the different lifestyle, eating habit, making new friends,weather, customs and etc. that they have to adapt or adjust to. FinancialThe University of West London expenses is at times can be overwhelming which makeunprepared students be struggling with their finance. This has been the biggest challenge toworking with international student relating to their finance. Non – resident’s tuition fees areone part of the international student’s expenses, but the other important part is the studentsliving expenses, which is very expensive, especially in London, they need enough money foraccommodations for the duration of their courses, foods, books, socializing and etc.Therefore, most International students are not aware of this information and not understandingthe other financial aspects of their studies in the University of West London before they come,and most time international student underestimate the expenses involves to study in Universityof West London NetworkingThis is another adjustment that international student study at the University of West Londonneeds to make, this involves social friend’s relationships with domestic students which we hopewill assist the international student’s to learn better English, and also learn about the localculture.But unfortunately the majority of international student tends to have an expectation that fardiffer from home students in terms of friendship and relationship, so this really minimal thefriendship between home student and an international student at the University of Londonreally rare. This misunderstanding brings the barrier of communication or socializing witheach other. Many International students comes from a collectivistic society where they conformwith the values of their society which mean it’s doesn’t matter where they are, they still conformto their tribes or group values. LonelinessInternational students naturally will miss home, they are away from their comfort zones, friendsand family so adjustment can be a struggle for the international students. Having listed someof the challenges overseas students encountered, we will now explain some of the strategieswe have come up with to help solve the student difficulties.Recruitment of Suitable International Students:When recruiting international students in the University of West London, we must ensure thatwe recruit adequate and suitable students for all the courses, this can be achieved by the supportthe International student, throughout the entire application process and interview procedures.All relevant information in full details and in different formats, both in electronic or hard copy,will be accessible to International students from different geographical areas.Thoroughly screen process will be in place for submitted international student courseapplication, there will be phone interviews for an international student who cannot attend faceto face interview, this is to make a suitable assessment of the student’s qualification with goodgrades, and readiness to study the course they apply for. Although at times the students testassessment scores don’t tell the university everything, so the university still has an open chanceof enrolling unqualified international students, which can create a big problem not todepartment alone, also to such students.Furthermore as we know that one of the big challenges for international students is the concernsof the English language ability, and the consideration of the international students who Englishis not their native language, so University must make sure they found out the level of speakingof English of the applied international students during the application process, not just tick“Yes” or “No on application form, because most international students will just say “Yes” toeverything, so University will not totally sure if the applied international student “Yes” is really“Yes” and so University must set the minimum language requirement for entry score andverifications process.There will be also referring international students to the council of UK for International studentaffairs and immigration dept. as a source of more information.International Student Overcoming Financial ProblemsDuring the application process, University must provide full information’s on both nonresidence courses fees and estimates of living expenses for the duration of their courses, so thiswill enable the international students to be aware or have an insight into the expenses they willoccur to assist them to make decision before applying as international students. Internationalstudent financial background will be check and their sponsors, this will help the internationalstudents to have a clear expectation about the fund issues before arriving at the University ofWest London, and the University of West London will not allow any international students tostart a course without guarantee of funding. This will save international students from anxietyencounters from financial problemsOccasionally there are a few types of scholarship scheme available at University of WestLondon, and the only scholarship scheme available to International student are merit-basedscholarship scheme, this kind of scholarship based on the high achievement in their grades withproving extracurricular activities of the International students, therefore full information onhow to apply and qualify criteria for such merit-based scholarship will be made available to allinternational students during the course application process. Student Loan and grants are notavailable to International Students.University will also provide many jobs links websites to successful international student’sapplicant to enable them to find a part-time job to get extra money to cover their expenses,which will be a source of income to them during their study duration at the University of WestLondon.The University of West London will also organize regularly career day shows and conferenceswhere International students will have opportunities to meet many organizations for careeradvice, job prospectus, job vacancies, and many more opportunities.Improving International Student Social Networking:To eliminate the barrier of the communication and socializing of international students withlocal home students, the University of West London will involve clubs or groups like alumniin International Students courses application or the recruitment process, by giving prospectiveinternational students direct access to the experience of former international students. Arrangeinternational student fresher night where international students will have the opportunity tomeet local home student to mingle, make friends with people of common interest, andencourages new international students to joins clubs or groups available at the university. Thiscan be a brilliant way of easing the feelings of isolating or loneliness mostly encounter byInternational Student.Overcomes Academic ChallengesFor International student to overcomes the challenge facing in their academics, based on thecommunication, language barrier and cultures differences, where teaching method in thehomeland of the International Students are much more different than the teaching method adoptin University of West London, although the International Student still have enthusiasms andmotivation to cope with this method, this lead to many International students to gets poorperformance. To solve this problem, the International Students need to know that they need toadjust to the University of West London education environment, and the University of WestLondon has to change the mode of lecture styles.The lectures make uses of available knowledge management blackboard platform, where alllectures resource texts, video, templates examples, and many more is available to InternationalStudents. This will make it easy for International Student to understand the lectures by makinguse of templates and examples, this also reduces the communication speaking issues.There is also mentoring scheme available to International Students in solving the problemsfacing them in their studies, students can seek help directly from lecturers or tutors especiallyon their written assignment or they can use mentoring service available at the University.Using Data Mining Algorithms to Predict International Students Performance:The concept of Data mining brings out the hidden knowledge from an enormous raw dataset,which means its help us to discover knowledge and assist us to make decisions (sometimescalled knowledge discovery and decision making – KDD).This is the type of algorithms that will help the University of West London to predict theperformance of any International Student applying and enrolled on a course and make decisionsbecause one of the main problem facing by the International student is the ability to cope withtheir study on foreign land. This algorithm will predict if a particular International Student willbe able to perform well or not based on the attributes on their collected datasets. The examplesof the factors that can influence the students’ performance are shown in below InternationalStudents dataset tableFor demonstration only: We download Sapfile1 datasets with similar factors with 22 attributesand 131 instances, and run on WEKA Algorithms tools and used decision tree method ofclassification (Called REPTree in Weka Tools).Weka Algorithms GUI Dataset ParameterDataset DescriptionsDataset ValuesPlace of OriginCountries where International studentscome from{Country, Place of Birth}Higher school level certificatesInternational student advance level markor equivalentsA: 800 and ABOVE – BestB: 700 to 800 – Very GoodC: 600 to 700 – GoodD: 500 to 400 – PassE: 400 and BELOW – FailGenderInternational students sex{Male, Female}CategoryInternational student English level{speak fluently and write, speaknon-write, non-speak non-write,}Parent OccupationInternational Student Parent Occupation{Services, Business, Retired,Farmers, Housewife, Others}SponsorshipInternational student Financial status{Government, Private, self-fund} WEKA Algorithms Explorer load with sapfile1 dataset showed 22 attributes (Gender,Education grades, Parents, and etc.) and 131 instances.Select a decision tree (Called REPTree) classification method to predictResultREPTree===========twp. = Best: Average (4/2) [1/0]twp. = Vg: Good (30/13) [14/5]twp. = Good| esp. = Best: Good (1/0) [0/0]| esp. = Vg: Good (7/3) [7/2]| esp. = Good| | of = Service: Good (6/1) [5/5]| | of = Business: Average (8/3) [4/2]| | of = Retired: Good (0/0) [0/0]| | of = Farmer: Good (5/3) [4/1]| | of = Others: Average (3/1) [2/2]| esp. = Pass: Poor (10/5) [3/2]| esp. = Fail: Good (0/0) [0/0]twp. = Pass: Poor (13/5) [4/3]twp. = Fail: Good (0/0) [0/0]Size of the tree: 16Time taken to build model: 0.01 seconds=== Evaluation on training set ===Time taken to test model on training data: 0 seconds=== Summary ===Correctly Classified Instances 73 55.7252 %Incorrectly Classified Instances 58 44.2748 %Kappa statistic 0.3006Mean absolute error 0.3596Root mean squared error 0.424Relative absolute error 83.8428 %Root relative squared error 91.6028 %Total Number of Instances 131=== Detailed Accuracy by Class ===TP Rate FP Rate Precision Recall F-Measure MCC ROC Area PRC Area Class0.821 0.440 0.582 0.821 0.681 0.386 0.735 0.607 Good0.255 0.119 0.545 0.255 0.348 0.175 0.639 0.467 Average0.536 0.146 0.500 0.536 0.517 0.381 0.831 0.477 PoorWeighted Avg. 0.557 0.262 0.551 0.557 0.527 0.309 0.721 0.529=== Confusion Matrix ===a b c


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