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MIS608 – Agile Project Management – Assessment 3 Case Study BYour team:You will form a team of 3-4 students from your class by the deadline specified in the AssessmentBrief. Owing to the nature of the assessment, you will need to work together as an Agile Team tocomplete your assessment. This is an authentic assessment, and you will use Agile practices in thedelivery of your final report.We expect to see the level of professionalism from your team that can be expected from consultantsat a leading consulting practice who are working together collaboratively on a client project. Yourmanager, a partner at a major consulting firm is hoping that your report will create the right impactto open the door to a more extensive project which will help them to implement Agile in theirbusiness. Your team are Agile domain experts.Your way of working:1. You will need to negotiate a team contract in week 2 and submit this contract to yourLearning Facilitator by the end of Module 1.2 for their review. Meeting this deadline setsthe tone for your team performance and avoids disappointment later. We have also seen anindication that on time-delivery of the team contract has a positive impact on teamoutcomes. Teams that work together successfully get better grades. Your Team Contractdocument will also need to be included in your report.2. Each week the team will conduct a Sprint, the outputs of which will be included in yourreport. This is vital to embed your knowledge and improve your learning outcomes.3. You will need to complete 6 Kanbans – one each week from Module 3.1 until Module 5.2- asevidence of your practice. These will need to be attached to your final assessmentsubmission.Your mission:You will be guided by your Learning Facilitator in using Agile practices to produce a product. Thisproduct is the report to your client where you will make it clear to them about how Agile can benefittheir business and the areas they will need to focus on to achieve the required change.Often something can seem very simple of paper – but putting it into practice can offer you deeperinsights as a practitioner. Your team will use Agile practices to manage your project to create thatproduct of a report for your client. This is to ensure that you do not only have a theoreticalunderstanding of what Agile is, but that you have also experienced how to use the tools andtechniques.Your client:Your client is a leading motor vehicle manufacturer. They realise that their traditional businessmodel is under threat and have decided to revitalise their business model. They are setting up aseparate subsidiary company as an end-to-end separate innovation unit.This exciting new company will be known as Perun, and will focus solely on the design, manufacture,marketing, and distribution of their electric motor vehicles (EMV’s). As part of their mission, theywill be looking to disrupt the traditional dealership model for sales and marketing by creating adigital dealership network.While the company is looking to draw on their existing strengths and expertise, they are aware thattheir current IT department and PMO are highly skilled in the waterfall way of working usingpredictive planning practices. While this worked well in supporting the traditional dealer network,the new digital focus of their business is going to require a new way of working which will allowthem to rapidly respond to customer needs. Long projects, months in the making before anythingcan be released will not suit their needs.Your report will require you to cover the following concepts:1. Lean Startup Tools2. How Agile manages requirements – epics, stories, backlogs and prioritisation3. Agile ceremonies – and how they support Kaizen4. Agile planning, velocity and estimation5. Scaling Agile after initial success6. Release planning & cadenceThe information supplied about your client is important and needs to be interpreted and addressedin your report. Failing to do so will compromise the grade that you can achieve. This not only meansmaking the case for Agile for the client but also explaining which elements that you have studied willneed to be considered as a higher priority than others.As you need to complete PROJ6000 before this subject, it is expected that you will be able to drawsome comparative conclusions between traditional and Agile approaches.Equally, any presentation that is prospecting for further work needs to create a good impression.Ensure that you have followed the format guidelines – however beyond this, you may be creativeand incorporate elements of branding for both your consulting firm and that of your client. Your aimhere is that you produce a report of outstanding quality that you can use in interviews to showfuture employers your professional capability.Good luck!


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