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CommentCorrectionWas any of this assessed in the preparation of the Bill?As a note, this would be more within the scope than the impact mentioned in the document. Potential impact may be an option. Again it would be useful to check whether this was explored in earlier technical documents.Research thus far has revealed, no study have been bought to light. There has be legal focus on islands that have such a relationship including St. Kitts and Nevis, Alvin Islands etc.Ensure consistency throughout document. In some cases it is written as Self Autonomous BillThis issue as addressedA general overview of the research question and rationale could be included at the start of the introduction to give the reader some background to the topic being explored, before details of the context.This seems to be Wheatle and Campbell, based on the full referenceClarify statement. Also add reference.Include sources for this sectionCheck citation style. Within the text, this would be Scobie and France (2020).Missing words?Existing or proposed or both?Source?Whose?CheckSource?Sources / references?potential impact? Impact could be assessed some time after implementation.Are there documents which look at the potential impact, based on the objectives?The sentenced has be changed to: This study will investigate the potential influence of this Self-Autonomy Bill on Tobago, with specific focus on the tourism sector.Sentence fragmentReferencesBrackets would only be around (2000) in this caseAre these stated as aims and objectives, with measurable indicators?Source?check sentenceAre there supporting sources for this assessment, analysis?Would there have been a study to guide the preparation of the Bill?There was not a study. Consultations were done.Check – possibleThese would be sub-objectives of the main objectivePage numbering has changed on this and the following pagesA SALISES PhD student is exploring this in the context of her study on tourism in Tobago and Nevis. It may be useful to arrange to meet.Check planning framework and timing of assessment componentsOnly year would be bracketed when author name is part of the sentenceCheck sentence phrasingCheck further; also discuss with PhD student working in this areaThis depicts various considerations but is not a methodological approachHow will this be assessed?Is this a facility offered? Also would it be for qualitative data mentioned?What type of data is proposed? Would data exist on this at this time?Will the implications of the COVID pandemic be considered?Will government related income and expenditure with regard to Tobago’s tourism be available?Include meetings with supervisorInclude ethics submission


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