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PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C – Assessment 1 (04 April 2019) Page 1 of 5 ASSESSMENT BRIEFSubject Code and TitlePROJ6016 Project Management Capstone CAssessmentOne – Project PlanIndividual/GroupIndividualLength2000 wordsLearning Outcomes1. Chart a course for a substantial industry project2. Ensure the project bridges theory and practice3. Integrate technology into learning environmentSubmissionBy 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday end of Module 2Weighting25%Total Marks25 marks Context:In the course of this subject the student will be responsible for bridging theory and practicewhile undertaking a substantial body of work above and beyond their normal duties. Thestudent will be supported by their academic supervisor and, if required, an organisationsupervisor appointed/agreed by Torrens University. This first assignment is designed toensure the student and their supervisors are clear on what the deliverables of the projectare.Instructions:In preparing your assignment, ensure you include the following: provide an overview of the capstone project and you have selected; identify the problems/needs, explain a possible solution/development that isrequired and detail the outcomes the project will achieve; provide a project plan and budget; identify and detail the current skills and knowledge you possess and which will betested in the preparation of the project; and explain the specific areas of theory you expect to be bridging in this capstoneproject.PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C – Assessment 1 (04 April 2019) Page 2 of 5Learning Rubric AssessmentAttributesFail (Unacceptable)(Functional) Pass(Proficient) Credit(Advanced) DistinctionHigh (Exceptional) DistinctionOverview of theproject and the rolethe student normallyperforms within it5 marksDoes not meet the minimum standard.Shows little independent thought orawareness of the project and thestudent’s role within it.Describes the type ofproject and gives anoverview of the needsfor the project.Neglects depth such asthe aims and objectivesstatement or glazesover the role thestudent performswithin it.Moves beyond theminimum standard andincludes elements suchas aims and objectivesstatement. Somecritical discussion ofthe role performed bythe student is included.Exceeds theminimumstandard, includingaims andobjectivesstatement of theselected project.Includes, but notlimited to, aprojectorganisationalchart, the use ofbusiness case tojustify needs forthe project anddemonstrates anawareness of thestudent’s rolewithin the project.Exceeds minimumstandards and showsindependence inthought. Includes aproject organisationalchart anddemonstrates anoutstanding degree ofawareness of theproject and thestudent’s role withinit. PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C – Assessment 1 (04 April 2019) Page 3 of 5 AssessmentAttributesFail (Unacceptable)(Functional) Pass(Proficient) Credit(Advanced) DistinctionHigh (Exceptional) DistinctionIdentification of theproblem, why asolution is necessaryand the detailedoutcomes that will beachieved5 marksLimited demonstrated understanding ofthe scope. Does not adequately justifythe solution or describe stakeholdersand their viewpoints. Various problemswith the presentation.Adequately describesthe scope of the projectbut does not providecontext. Ignoreselements such asstakeholders,objectives or thebenefits that theproject will bring to thesponsoring firm.Moves beyond basicrequirements todemonstrate a goodcontextualunderstanding of theproject and how it willdeliver value for thesponsoring firm.Includes objectives tobe attained.Exceeds theminimumrequirements,showing anexcellentunderstanding ofthe impact theproject will haveon the firm.Considers multipleviewpoints andspecifies objectivesand performanceobjectives toattain.Demonstrates asophisticatedunderstanding of theproblem. Details theviewpoints of allaffected stakeholdersusing them to justifythe solution from anumber of options.Sets clear high levelgoals for the projectand sets a compellingscope including keyperformanceindicators.Project plan andbudget5 marksNeglects various aspects of a projectplan or shows little thought on how theproject will progress. Shows littleappreciation for the role that financialsor risk plays in the execution oforganisational projects.Adequately presentsthe progression of theproject from start tofinish but requiressome additional detail.May not have providedrealistic figures, keyassumptions,milestones orconsideration of risk.Meets a minimumstandard for workingon and communicatingthe requirements forprojects in firms.Presents high-levelproject plans but maylack necessary detail.Sets milestones andprovides realisticfinancial and riskmanagement plans.Moves beyondminimumrequirements byshowing aconsidered plan forproject tasks,financials, risks andmilestones.Demonstratesgood considerationof assumptions andcontingency plans.Demonstrates asophisticated projectplan and budget withrealistic and justifiedfigures, highlightingwhat is included andwhat is not. Specifieskey milestones for theproject and clearlydelineates theproject’s assumptions,providing plans forthe eventuation ofrisks. PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C – Assessment 1 (04 April 2019) Page 4 of 5 AssessmentAttributesFail (Unacceptable)(Functional) Pass(Proficient) Credit(Advanced) DistinctionHigh (Exceptional) DistinctionCurrent skills to betested5 marksFails to demonstrate an awareness ofpersonal strengths and weaknesses thatcan be demonstrated or developedthroughout the course of the subject.Provides a pedestrianor ‘tick-the-box’assessment of personalstrengths andweaknesses. May notfollow through onwhich of them willfeature throughout thesubject.Demonstrates anadequate awareness ofpersonal and projectmanagementcompetencies using aframework such as thePMCD framework.Highlights skills to betested in the subject.Moves beyondminimumrequirements,presentingawareness ofpersonal andprojectmanagementcompetencies in aframework such asthe PMCDframework. Clearlyhighlights in aninterest mannerhow these will besubject to test ordevelopmentthroughout thesubject.Demonstrates asophisticatedawareness of personaland projectmanagementcompetencies in thecontext ofenvironmentalstimuli, highlightingspecifically the skillsthe student possessesthat will be tested inthe subject. PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C – Assessment 1 (04 April 2019) Page 5 of 5 AssessmentAttributesFail (Unacceptable)(Functional) Pass(Proficient) Credit(Advanced) DistinctionHigh (Exceptional) DistinctionSpecific areas oftheory to integrate5 marksDoes not adequately identify specifictheories that the placement mightvalidate. May show a contempt for thiscriterion.Adequatelydemonstrates, althoughin tick-the-box fashion,some theoreticalunderstanding fromother MGPM subjects.Has not demonstratedmuch forethought intohow these theories willbe validated by thesubject.Shows a goodunderstanding andawareness of the placeof the subject in thebroader scheme of thecourse. Identifiesspecific and relevanttheories and showshow the subject willallow the student tointegrate theoreticalwith practicalknowledge sets.Moves beyondbasic requirementsto demonstrateconsidered thoughtin how the subjectwill benefit thestudent in bridgingtheory andpractice. Shows aclear penchant forlearning throughtheory andpractice.Demonstrates a preemptive andsophisticatedunderstanding of thecourse and what it hastaught the student sofar. Uses a number ofreferences toacademic sources,demonstrating wherethe theory-praxis gapwill be bridged by thestudent.


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