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Portfolio Element 1EssayProject Finance and MarketingDr Yu-Chun Pan Module Introduction Portfolio Elements Portfolio ElementsWord Count orequivalentThresholdWeightingSubmission due date& timeElement1:Essay3000 wordsN/A40%Week 10(2 May 2021)Element 2:Online Open-BookExam3 hoursN/A40%Week 14(28 May 2021)Element 3:Activity-BasedAssessmentN/AN/A20%Week 3, 5, 8, 10 & 12Total100% Portfolio Element 1: EssayEssay Requirements◦ Wordcount or Equivalent: 3000 words◦ Weighting: 40%◦ You must select one of the following topics to develop anindividual essay. You are expected to conduct comprehensiveliterature review on the selected topic, followed by your criticalargument (you should use a case study to support/validateyour argument). The essay should follow the standardacademic writing style and structure.Essay Topics◦ Social media has changed how businesses engage with theircustomers in recent years. Many businesses benefit from acloser customer relationship. However, some businesses havebeen negatively affected by social media. Discuss thechallenges of social media marketing and potential ways tomanage it.◦ Benefit segmentation divides market based on the differentbenefits that customers seek from a product. Discuss howbenefit segmentation helps organisations develop theirproducts and market offerings.◦ Stakeholder management is a key factor of project success.Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects have been a popularoption for many large service delivery and infrastructureprojects in the world. Discuss the impacts of stakeholdermanagement on project performance for PPP projects.Essay MarkingScheme WeightsCriteriaDescription15%(6/40)Abstract andIntroductionDescription and coverage of topicApproach to selected subjectEssay outline30%(12/40)LiteratureReviewCurrent state of the artKey literature collected (e.g. academic journals, books)Identification of key issues and challengesDiscussion of others’ work30%(12/40)Argument andApplicationSelection of theoryApplication of selected theory to the context (through a casestudy)Critical discussion/comparison/contrastArgumentation/reasoning15%(6/40)ConclusionConcluding remarksDiscussion on limitations/constraints10%(4/40)PresentationStructureLayout/styleReference and citation styleWord count Essay layoutAbstract1.0 Introduction2.0 Literature2.1….2.2……3.0 Your argument / own discussion about theselected topic3.1…3.2……4.0 Case Study (to put argument in 3.0 intocontext)5.0 ConclusionReferencesUse appropriatesub-headingsbased on thetopics/areas ofliterature youreviewOption 1◦ Social media has changed how businesses engage with their customers in recent years. Many businessesbenefit from a closer customer relationship. However, some businesses have been negatively affectedby social media. Discuss the challenges of social media marketing and potential ways to manage it.1. Discuss the challengesof social media marketingand potential ways tomanage it.◦ Literature◦ Definition and current knowledge: What is socialmedia? How is it applied for marketing purposes?Advantages and challenges? (consider how othershave analysed this…it might give you some idea onhow you want to look into this topic)◦ Different perspective (optional: should be relevant toargument and/or case study): e.g. Hofstede’scultural dimensions (if your case study is related tosocial media challenges caused by cultural issues)◦ Arguments◦ How can an organisation manage social mediamarketing challenges (as to prevent issues and tomange issues that occurred)?◦ Use a case study to illustrate your arguments (yourcase study can be a specific social mediacampaign that did not go well)Option 2◦ Benefit segmentation divides market based on the different benefits that customers seek from a product.Discuss how benefit segmentation helps organisations develop their products and market offerings.2. Discuss how benefitsegmentation helpsorganisations developtheir products andmarket offerings.◦ Literature◦ Definition and current knowledge: What are marketsegmentation and benefit segmentation? How arethey applied?◦ Arguments◦ Why have organisations applied benefitsegmentation? How dose benefit segmentation helptheir successful product portfolio development?◦ You should use an organisation as a case study andinvestigate how they use benefit segmentation tocreate different products/servicesOption 3◦ Stakeholder management is a key factor of project success. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projectshave been a popular option for many large service delivery and infrastructure projects in the world.Discuss the impacts of stakeholder management on project performance for PPP projects.3. Discuss the impactsof stakeholdermanagement onproject performancefor PPP projects.◦ Literature◦ Stakeholder management & its significance inprojects (definition and how it works)◦ PPP project structure (definition and itscharacteristics, especially the various partiesinvolved)..why are they different from other types ofprojects?◦ Arguments◦ How stakeholder management ensures the successof PPP projects (related to the nature of PPPprojects)?◦ Then draw the arguments why stakeholdermanagement is important in the context of PPPprojects◦ Use a completed PPP project as case study toillustrate your arguments (could be a very old projectand that is fine)Important ThingsLiterature ReviewUse academic sources for literature review (e.g.journal papers, books, conference papers)Industry whitepapers and reports are acceptable(but do consider who authored and published them)Website is acceptable only when you think theinformation is very significant to your arguments, ifnot, try to avoid it. Too many websites are no good!Write in your own words to avoidplagiarism: paraphrase!Useful Resources for SearchingLiterature◦ Academic Databases◦◦ Science Direct◦◦ Google Scholar◦◦ UWL Library◦ Resources for Writing◦ Academic Phrase Bank (it shows you how to write academically in various situations)◦◦ Comparing and Contrasting◦◦◦ Harvard Style Referencing◦ Resources for Writing◦ Adding citations in Word (Harvard style available)◦◦ Mendeley (a free reference management software with Word plug-in and Chrome extension): you cancreate your own reference database that support various essays/reports/dissertation.◦◦ (tutorial)Other Resources◦ Academic Support (Academic Skills Workshop &Drop-in Support)◦◦ English Language Support◦ [email protected]◦ Library academic support (you can see theavailable training workshops)◦◦ Individual support on using academic resources:Edyta Krol ([email protected])◦


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