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submissionby Pavankumar Kiritbhai PatelSubmission date: 05-Jan-2021 08:29PM (UTC+0000)Submission ID: 140572627File name: submission_1435386_1267225224.docx (72.9K)Word count: 3058Character count: 1782122 2111211 11112111113114111 25%SIMILARITY INDEX7%INTERNET SOURCES0%PUBLICATIONS25%STUDENT PAPERS1 16%2 9%Exclude quotes OffExclude bibliography OnExclude matches < 1%submissionORIGINALITY REPORTPRIMARY SOURCESSubmitted to University of East LondonStudent PaperSubmitted to BPP College of ProfessionalStudies LimitedStudent PaperFINAL GRADE1/100submissionGRADEMARK REPORTGENERAL COMMENTSInstructorIntroduction: There should be clear references tothe sections covered by the report. Include thecompany details, relevant models used forenvironmental analyses, recommended KMISsolution and implementation challenges.Company background: A clear companybackground is required including what type ofbusiness and industry sector do they focus on.Corporate structure requires citations.Environmental Evaluation: Further evaluationbased on SWOT is needed. PESTLE and Five Forcesdo not have complete analyses provided. Expandthe discussion with examples from practice thatillustrates issues, concepts or theories.Recommendations: The discussion is not clear dueto the structure of the sentences presented. Aspecific KM solution is needed to be proposed forthe company. Knowledge capture & sharing withfocus on customer relations management/supplychain management aspects of the company to beincluded. Additional performance objectivesneeded such as managing risks and reducingcosts. More sources of reference required.Challenges: Challenges need to be clearlyaddressed. Include the links to how the solutionwould mitigate these challenges. Use case studiesto support the discussions.Structure: Clear use of report format is requiredwith numbered headings and sub-headings.Include more figures and tables. Proofread workbefore submission for clarity and meaning.PAGE 1PAGE 2PAGE 3PAGE 4Comment 1Specify the company overview firstPAGE 5PAGE 6PAGE 7PAGE 8PAGE 9Comment 2restructure the headingPAGE 10Comment 3Clarity in the paragraphs provided required.PAGE 11Comment 4Review the choice of words used for further clarity.PAGE 12PAGE 13PAGE 14PAGE 15


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