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200909Enterprise LawSession 1 2021 Intra-session ExamValue: 25 marksThis assessment task must be the student’s own understanding and effort. If the wordsor ideas used are not your own, then you must correctly reference them.This is a compulsory assessment task.The instructions for completing this exam are in the Learning Guide. Please readthrough those instructions before commencing your answer and also note anyadditional instructions and/or advice which may be/has been posted on vUWS. Themarking criteria is available in the Learning Guide.Please note, in particular, there is a strict maximum word limit, 750 words. Thisdoes not include your Reference List which is required if you are using the HarvardWesternSydU style.Students are only allowed one submission via Turnitin. Make sure you uploadyour final version before 5 pm on Tuesday 4th May.The exam is expected to take about 2 hours of intensive writing to complete. Theallocated time for completion is intended to take into account students’ othercommitments. This also allows you time to reflect upon your answer and ensure yourreferencing, grammar etc is correct. Accordingly, requests for extensions will only beconsidered in the most extraordinary circumstances. If you make such a request, youmust attach all work done to date on the exam to your email. As an exam, it is morelikely you would need to read the policy on special consideration if you do not meetthe deadline for this task. You should upload your completed work as soon as you areable, without waiting for an email from the unit coordinator granting or declining anextension or for an outcome on your special consideration application.There are two questions in this assessment task. Students must answer allquestions.QUESTIONS:Question 1: 16 marksRubin owned a van that he leased to his friend, Bruno for his food delivery business in2018. The duration of the lease was for 5 years with $15,000 annual rent. In 2020,Bruno’s business was greatly impacted because of the COVID-19 pandemic as helost a number of contracts to deliver food to his corporate clients based in the city.Bruno realised that he could not afford the annual rental payment for the van unlessthe situation changed. He discussed his business downturn and financial difficultieswith Rubin. He also complained that Rubin did not disclose that the van had a faultyair conditioning system which spoiled some of his food items on the way to deliverthem. Rubin denied Bruno’s accusation, however promised to reduce the rentalamount to $5,000 until the business condition improved.In 2021, Bruno secured a huge contract with a major public hospital for providingmeals to their patients. Bruno’s earnings from the business increased exponentially.Rubin demanded from Bruno that not only did he have to pay the full rental amountfrom 2021, but also the shortfall for the year of 2020 forgone by Rubin.Advise Bruno, with reference to the relevant legal principles, whether he must pay allthe amounts claimed by Rubin.Question 2: 9 marksNeil and June are students finishing their business degree and are good friends. Inorder to pay his tuition fees, Neil runs a small coffee shop in front of the businessfaculty building of the University. June offers to help him by preparing homemadecakes and pastries based on her mother’s famous recipes. Neil says that he cannotpay her although he promises June that if she provides him with enough cakes andpastries to last the summer, he will buy her an Apple MacBook Pro to pursue herpassion in graphic design (worth $3000). June jokes with Neil that if he does not buyher the MacBook, she will take him to court and Neil just laughs. In the next sixmonths, June works 20 hours a week preparing cakes and pastries for Neil’sbusiness.Advise June, with reference to relevant legal principles, whether she is legally entitledto the MacBook as promised by Neil.END OF ASSESSMENT TASK


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