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Section B Candidates must attempt ALL questions in Section A and TWO out of THREE questions in i. ii. Re-key the name of the customer. i. Sales Order spreadsheet: 3. The price updates automatically. ii. Enter the order date, item code, item quantity. Re-key the order date. Item spreadsheet: 2. name and delivery address. If the customer is new – set up a new row in the spreadsheet and enter the customer ii. Check the customer name. i. Customer spreadsheet: 2. 2 At 5pm update the sales order worksheet with the daily sales order status. 4. By 4pm email each customer with an update of new issues. 3. or To be despatched [D2] or delivered [D3]). At 11am the factory emails you with the confirmed status of each order (Despatched [D1], 1. At 10am call the factory for an update on existing customer orders. 1. Daily sales order status recording: Manually key in the daily sales order status. iv. The total sales order value (£s) updates automatically. iii. In February 2020 you started work as a trainee accountant at a UK-based manufacturer of year. development opportunities that could help GPL with a strategy to grow by over 100% in the next You have been seconded to a special taskforce to explore different IT investment and protective facial visors and a global supply shortage. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a huge growth in demand for Personal Protective Equipment for health care professionals – GenTex Protection Limited (GPL). GenTex Protection Limited (GPL) Case Study Accounting Information Systems The instructions for recording sales orders is described as follows: value, daily sales order status Sales order spreadsheet: contains columns with the customer name, order date, total order  quantity Item spreadsheet: contains columns with the order date, item code, unit price and ordered N1550  Customer spreadsheet: contains columns with customer name and delivery address  workbook includes: GPL uses a series of linked spreadsheets in an Excel workbook to record sales orders. The Compulsory Question Details Total: 40 marks (14 marks) processing ? How could Microsoft Access improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sales order d. 3 (8 marks) Question One Answer the question below for 40 marks. Read the Case Study and Compulsory Question Details on page 2. The taskforce recognises the benefits of using data management software such as Microsoft SECTION A Accounting Information Systems (9 marks) Describe what is meant by “database integrity rules” and why are they important ? c. (9 marks) how is it resolved ? What is a “many to many relationship”, why might such a relationship be problematic and b. N1550 key” ? What is meant by the terms “relational database table”, “field”, “primary key” and “composite a. Use the GPL case (where possible) to illustrate your answers with examples: Access. You have been asked to make notes to answer the following questions. (14 marks) c. (5 marks) Comment on the results of your analysis. b. A Marketing Intelligence company, Brighton Analytica, has approached GPL with a chart. Visualise the results from above with a stacked bar chart. Make a screenshot of the  as values. Make a screenshot. A pivot table with months on the vertical axis, countries on the horizontal axis and sales  Total: 30 marks 4 (11 marks) Describe ethical issues that this proposal might raise Facebook personal profile data. Brighton Analytica have developed a complex algorithm that predicts mortality rates using proposal to improve the accuracy of visor sales forecasts. You have been sent the following sales predictions for 2021. hospitals across the globe. with approximately 20 wholesalers. For 2021 GPL are considering supplying visors directly to Historically GPL has relied on wholesalers to sell protective visors directly to hospitals. GPL trades Question Two a. Answer two of the following three questions. Each answer is worth 30 marks. SECTION B Accounting Information Systems Visualise the results from above with a column chart. Make a screenshot of the chart.  A pivot table with months on the vertical axis and sales as values. Make a screenshot.  Visualise the results from above with a pie chart. Make a screenshot. N1550  screenshot of the chart. A pivot table with countries on the vertical axis and total sales as values. Make a  Create the following charts and tables using the provided dataset ‘sales_data.xlsx’: A colleague has created a “three-way-match” program using Python that tests the following the invoiced quantity does not match the quantity of goods ordered.  the invoiced quantity does not match the quantity of goods received;  and produces warnings if: There are a number of differences between invoiced quantities and the quantity of goods c. (4 marks) Describe the three parts of a “three-way-match” and their relevance for control. “more robust” application controls. The bank would like to meet with the Board of Directors of GPL to assess the need for b. (3 marks) 5 End of paper Total: 30 marks (7 marks) Suggest three domains of cybersecurity to mitigate vulnerabilities with examples. ii. What is cybercrime and how is it regulated? i. The bank has commented that cybercrime has increased in response to COVID-19. d. (4 marks) received. Describe two potential causes and two remedies for this. team in each of the countries it supplies. GPL is bidding to win a large order to supply visors to hospitals in Canada from 2021. b. (18 marks) from a vendor such as SAP could improve efficiency. You have been asked to write a report about how an Integrated Enterprise System (IES) a. The tender documents request information about sustainability metrics and an GPL are considering investing in warehouses, a network of distribution terminals and a small sales Question Three Accounting Information Systems Question Four (12 marks) Describe what is meant by the term “IT controls” and why are they important for GPL? a. asked for details of the “House of IT Controls” that will support the 2021 expansion plan. GPL has applied for a large business loan from the bank. The commercial team at the bank have N1550 Total: 30 marks (12 marks) mean and why they could be important for GPL . You have been asked to explain what the terms “sustainability” and “integrated report” integrated report.


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