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Due Date: 11:59 pm EST Sunday of Unit 1Points: 100Overview:In this assignment, you will find a company where employees are already workingremotely. You need to research the company, locate an appropriate article fromreputable source(s), and summarize the interworking of virtual work in that company.Instructions:• Using the Internet and/or Post Library resources, students need to look for anarticle where virtual team’s interworking is mentioned. Size of the company,nature of the industry, and the outcome of remote work implementation is notrelevant.• Article must come from a reputable source (i.e. no blog post), including newsstory, website, magazine, video, and/or journal.• Students need to read the article, perform additional research if needed, andsummarize the interworking on virtual team in their own words.• Final submission needs to capture the essence of the article, all the majorhighlights, and conclusion.• A complete paper should have following: Cover page, executive summary, bodyof content, and conclusion.• Students need to ensure that they include their personal views under theexecutive summary and conclusion sections.Requirements:• Two pages (excluding cover page and references)• Submit a Word document in APA format.• At least two resources.Be sure to read the criteria below by which your work will be evaluated beforeyou write and again after you write.BUS604 – Virtual Teams andOrganizationsUnit 1 Assignment – Virtual Teams in Real LifeEvaluation Rubric for Assignment CRITERIADeficientNeedsImprovementProficientExemplary0 – 38 points39 – 51 points52 – 64 points65 pointsContentDoes not coverthe assignedtopic;assertions arenot supportedby evidence;paper isseriouslylacking incontent anddetail.Does not do anadequate job ofcovering theassigned topic;assertions areweaklysupported byevidence.Sufficientcoverage of thetopics; mostassertions aresupported byevidence.Provides indepth coverageof the topics,assertions areclearlysupported byevidence.0 – 5 points6 – 7 points8 – 9 points10 pointsResourcesNo resourceswere used asrequestedResourceswere used butnot reliableonesNot enoughresources wereusedProper amountof resourceswere used0 – 2 points3 points4 points5 pointsPaper LengthThe assigneddid not meetthe properlengthTheassignmentdidn’t haveenough lengthTheassignmentalmost met thepaper lengthTheassignmenthad the properlength0 – 11 points12 – 15 points16 – 19 points20 pointsClear andProfessionalWriting andAPA FormatErrors impedeprofessionalpresentation;guidelines notfollowed.Significant errors that do notimpedeprofessionalpresentation.Few errors thatdo not impedeprofessionalpresentation.Writing andformat areclear,professional,APA compliant,and error free.


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