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Type ofassessment%ContributionTitleDuration(if applicable)Approx. date of AssessmentOral presentation30%Critical evaluation of a managementapproach (rationale)30 min (inclusive of10 minutesquestioning)April [this will be May in terms offinal submission but there will betime allocated in April to work onthe submission]Written essay70%Critical evaluation of a managementapproach (effectiveness)3000 wordsMay Assessment Guidance Document: HCT139WITHIN THE ACTIVITIES OF THE MODULE YOUWILL…• Identify an area / pathology of interest• Select one management / treatment approach for this are of interest• Learn to search and review the literature• Present a 3000-word assignment critical reviewing the literature andformulate clinical recommendation for its use [70% of the module]• Deliver a short online presentation that summarises your topic and presents theclinical recommendations [30% of the module]THE MODULE CONTENT WILL…• Help you search for literature and signpost to library support• Support your critical analysis skills and the use of CASP• Enable you to experience creating a video recording• Develop writing skills to support the assignment• Build on skills as the module develops, the assessment components arepresented and discussed during the taught sessions.


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