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QUESTION BELOW Question(s) Answer the question(s) below Assignment: Tahani Al-Jamil, a 34-year-old dual Indian and British national, has worked at the Good Place café in Colchester, Essex since April 2014. Tahani initially enjoyed working at the café, as she liked interacting with the customers. She also had a great relationship with Eleanor Shellstrop, the café’s owner. In fact, the two had become very close friends, as evidenced by the number of photographs of them together pinned on the café’s noticeboard. Due to an increase in the number of customers visiting the café, Eleanor decided to hire more staff. On 1 November 2020, Jason Mendoza, a University of Essex law student began working at the café. Jason encouraged Eleanor to try to attract younger customers. To do this, Eleanor introduced a ‘student friendly’ policy, whereby students could come into the café and order via the new Good Place app, without any need to talk to the staff. Tahani found the app difficult to use, as she was not very good with technology. She also missed interacting with the customers. Tahani soon noticed that Eleanor was becoming more distant towards her, frequently asking Tahani to work in the stock room or to do paperwork rather than serve customers. Janet, a regular customer at the café, overheard Jason telling Eleanor that ‘Tahani has gotten so lazy. If she no longer wants a job here, there’s a curry house down the street that will have her’. When Tahani heard about this, she became very upset and confronted Jason in front of the customers, causing several of them to leave. One morning soon after, when Tahani arrived at work, she noticed that the photographs on the noticeboard had been defaced with racially abusive graffiti. Tahani suspected that Jason had done this and reported him to Eleanor, but nothing was ever done. Tahani found the work environment increasingly uncomfortable and would frequently burst into tears while serving customers. She would often phone in sick just to avoid having to see Jason. On 3 March 2021, Eleanor called Tahani into her office and suggested that she would understand if Tahani wanted to work elsewhere given that she no longer felt comfortable with the culture of the café. Question(s) Answer ALL of the below questions, 1-3. 1. Submission to Employment Tribunal. (Answer both A and B). A. You are required briefly to complete the below extracts from Section 8.2 (grounds for complaint) and Section 9.2 (compensation or remedies) of the ET1 claim form for your client, Tahani Al-Jamil. Section 8.2 ‘Please set out the background and details of your claim’. Section 9.2 ‘What compensation or remedy are you seeking?’ B. Prepare written submissions to an Employment Tribunal outlining the legal arguments that support the position of your client, Tahani Al-Jamil. Question 1 is marked out of 40 marks and should be up to 1,000 words long. 2. Write a letter to Tahani Al-Jamil in non-technical language setting out the strengths and weaknesses of her case.


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