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BUS 5110 Unit 4 Written Assignment Rubric CriterionNo ProficiencyLimitedProficiencyEmergingProficiencyProficientAdvancedWeightProvides correctvalues forcomputations.Less than half of thevalues accuratelyprovided.Half of the valuesaccurately provided(4 values correct).Most values accuratelyprovided (5 – 6 valuescorrect).Almost all valuesaccurately provided(7 values correct).All values providedaccurately.40% ofgradeScore04681010Articulates theapproach to solvingthe problem,including whichfinancial informationis relevant and notrelevant.No attempt at thisportion of theassignment.Explanations of howthe values werecalculated areprovided. However,explanation ofwhich data wasincluded orexcluded is missing.Explanations of howthe values werecalculated areprovided. However,the fixed overheadwas not included, orthe sales price wasincluded in thecalculation of unitcost.Explanations of howthe values werecalculated areprovided. However,did not fully explainwhy cost data wasincluded or excluded.Fully explained howthe values werecalculated. Correctlyexplained that 75% offixed overheadremains, regardless ofthe decision. Alsonoted that sales pricewas not consideredas it is the sameunder each scenario.20% ofgradeScore04681010Correctly concludeson whether thecompany shouldmake or buy theengines and proposesother factors thatNo recommendationis made.Incorrectlyconcludes thecompany shouldbuy the engines, butdiscusses otherfactors that shouldCorrectly concludesthat the companyshould make theengines. However,does not providefactors that shouldCorrectly concludesthat the companyshould make theengines. Provides acouple of factors thatshould also beCorrectly concludesthat the companyshould make theengines. Providesseveral factors thatshould also be20% ofgrade should be consideredwhen making thisdecision. Justifies ifthose factors do or donot support thedecision.also be considered(e.g., qualitativefactors, opportunitycosts).also be considered(e.g., qualitativefactors, opportunitycosts).considered (e.g.,qualitative factors,opportunity costs).Justification forwhether or not theadded factor do ordo not support thedecision are notaccurate or ismissing.considered (e.g.,qualitative factors,opportunity costs).Justification forwhether or not theadded factor do or donot support thedecision areprovided.Score04681010Writing Clarityand QualityWriting is unclear.Grammar andspelling mistakes arenumerous.Writing is clear butnot concise. Style isinappropriate (e.g.,too casual). Somespelling andgrammar errors areapparent.Writing is clear but notcompletely in aprofessional style. Fewspelling or grammarerrors detected.Writing is clear,concise, andprofessional. Minimalspelling andgrammatical issues.Writing is clear,concise, andprofessional. Thewriting follows alogical flow. Nospelling orgrammatical errorsare present.10% ofgradeScore04681010APA FormattingNo citations arelisted. Plagiarism isevident.Most references arecited using APAstyle, althoughthere are severalerrors. The paperdoes not conform toAll resources andreferences are cited;however, not usingAPA style, or there areseveral errors.Organization of thepaper needsAll resources andreferences are citedusing APA style witha few errors. Thepaper mostly followsAll resources andreferences arecorrectly cited usingAPA style. The paperalso follows APA10% ofgrade APA formattingrequirements.improvement to be inAPA format.APA formattingrequirements.formattingrequirementsScore04681010TOTAL100


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