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Assignment Brief Academic Year 2020-211Business Environment Assignment TaskThis assignment involves preparation of a presentation (which outlines the project proposal and rationale)followed by a Client Report which outlines the project plan, project scope and risk and evaluating projectsuccess.This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate yourachievement of the following module learning outcomes:LO 1Present and agree a project proposal with client;LO 2Use appropriate tools to collect, select and use information from a range of sourcesLO 3Evaluate the data relevant to the proposal;LO4Communicate the outcomes and recommendations.Task RequirementsOVERVIEW:Astra Plc is a small sized company specializing in vitamin and mineral based food supplements. Thecompany is looking to diversify its portfolio by launching a new health and fitness app in the next threemonths. You have been hired by Astra Plc to assess the suitability of the new app.DESCRIPTION OF THE TASK – WHAT YOU ARE BEING ASKED TO DO?1. Prepare an annotated power point presentation (8-10 slides maximum) for Astra Plc whichoutlines the project proposal and rationale of the new health and fitness app (carry out relevantresearch e.g. background information, what does the app do, why should it be built, potentialcustomers, likelihood of success) (LO1) [500 words] Module codeand title:ProjectModule leader:Dr Hassaan KhanAssignmentNo. and type:1. Presentation (500 words)2. Board Report (1000 words)Assessmentweighting:100%Submissiontime and date:Monday 10th May 2021 at 2pmTarget feedbacktime and date:3 weeks from the date of finalsubmission Assignment Brief Academic Year 2020-212Business Environment The presentation slides should be attached to the report as an appendix. Include speakernotes at the bottom of each slide to explain the key points on the slide. Keep the slidessuccinct and you can use bullet points where necessary. The slides should be embedded inthe assignment followed by the report. You are not required to make a presentation in class.2. Prepare a client report that covers the following: (LO2, LO3 & LO4) [1,000 words]a. The Project Plan (discuss a plan for your app using a GANTT chat) (150 words)b. Project Scope (discuss the app design and launch cost, social media integration; in-apppurchase; app customization; testing of the app; launch of the app) (300 words)c. Project Risk (what potential risks could impact launch of the app, e.g. cost overruns, delays inapp design, design and compatibility issues; competition from other apps) (300 words)d. Project Success (how will you measure the app’s success?) (250 words)The report should be written in a formal business report format, consisting of a title page, atable of contents, the main body of the work using appropriate headings covering the abovefour points, and a reference list.Referencing and Research RequirementsYou must reference all information used in the presentation and the report, using the HarvardReferencing Guide. You are required to include ONLY ONE reference list at the end of the reportarranged in alphabetical order irrespective of the sources.You can access guidance to Harvard referencing here: your work will be assessedYour work will be assessed on the extent to which it demonstrates your achievement of the stated learningoutcomes for this assignment (see above) and against other key criteria, as defined in the University’sinstitutional grading descriptors. If it is appropriate to the format of your assignment and your subject area,a proportion of your marks will also depend upon your use of academic referencing conventions.This assignment will be marked according to the grading descriptors for Level 3 Assignment Brief Academic Year 2020-213Business Environment Please see the attached grid for the Level 3 grading descriptors.Submission DetailsThis assignment should be submitted electronically via Moodle (module tutors will discuss this process withyou during class time).• Please ensure that your work has been saved in an appropriate file format (Microsoft Word, Excelor PowerPoint, or PDF are the most widely used; Google Docs is also accepted). Your file mustalso contain at least 20 words of text, consist of fewer than 400 pages and be less than 40MB insize.• You can submit your work as many times as you like before the submission date. If you do submityour work more than once, your earlier submission will be replaced by the most recent version.• Once you have submitted your work, you will receive a digital receipt as proof of submission, whichwill be sent to your forwarded e-mail address (provided you have set this up). Please keep thisreceipt for future reference, along with the original electronic copy of your assignment• You are reminded of the University’s regulations on academic misconduct, which can be viewed onthe University website: Insubmitting your assignment, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood theseregulationsSubmission Date and TimeThis assignment should be submitted before 14:00 UK time on Monday 10th May 2021.You should submit all work for summative assessments by the above deadline. Work submitted up to threeworking days after the deadline will be accepted and marked, but the mark will be capped at the pass mark(40%) unless there is a valid reason for the late submission (i.e. having been granted an extension to thedeadline or a deferral under the terms of the Extenuating Circumstances Policy).Work submitted more than three working days after the deadline without a valid reason will not beaccepted and will be recorded as 0% RN (refer, no work submitted).For more information please refer to: Assignment Brief Academic Year 2020-214Business Environment Feedback and marks for this assignment will be available in three weeks from the deadline. Assignment Brief Academic Year 2020-215Business EnvironmentGeneral Grading Criteria Level 3In accordance with the FHEQ, at the end of Level 3 students will be expected to have a sound knowledge of the basic underlying concepts and principlesof a subject, and an ability to evaluate and interpret these within the context of that area of study. They should be able to present, evaluate and interpretqualitative and quantitative data to develop lines of argument and make sound judgements in accordance with basic theories and concepts of their subject(s)of study. They will have learned how to take different approaches to solving problems and will be able to communicate the results of their study/workaccurately and reliably, and with structured and coherent arguments. AssessmentcategoryPass mark, demonstrating achievement of all associated learning outcomesMarginal failFail1st: 70% – 100%2:1: 60% – 69%2:2: 50% – 59%3rd: 40% – 49%35% – 39%20% – 34%< 20%Knowledge andunderstandingof the basicunderlyingconcepts andprinciples ofthe subject(s)High quality workshowing detailedunderstanding ofthe basicunderlyingconcepts andprinciples of thesubject(s).Work of solidquality showingcompetent andconsistentunderstanding ofthe basicunderlyingconcepts andprinciples of thesubject(s)Adequate workshowingunderstanding ofthe basicunderlyingconcepts andprinciples of thesubject(s), butlacking depth andbreadth.Simple factualapproach showinglimitedunderstanding ofthe basicunderlyingconcepts andprinciples of thesubject(s). Narrowor misguidedselection ofmaterial, withelements missingor inaccurate.Weak workshowing limited,fragmentaryunderstanding ofthe basicunderlyingconcepts andprinciples of thesubject(s). Workcharacterised byinaccuracies,irrelevant materialand/or absence ofappropriateinformation.Unsatisfactorywork showingweak and flawedunderstanding ofthe basicunderlyingconcepts andprinciples of thesubject(s), forexample throughseriousinaccuracies,inclusion of asignificant amountof irrelevantHighlyunsatisfactorywork showingmajor gaps inunderstanding ofthe basicunderlyingconcepts andprinciples of thesubject(s).Inclusion of largelyirrelevant material,absence ofappropriateinformation and Assignment Brief Academic Year 2020-216Business Environment AssessmentcategoryPass mark, demonstrating achievement of all associated learning outcomesMarginal failFail1st: 70% – 100%2:1: 60% – 69%2:2: 50% – 59%3rd: 40% – 49%35% – 39%20% – 34%< 20%material and/orabsence ofappropriateinformation.significantinaccuracies.Cognitive andintellectualskillsExcellentpresentation,interpretation andevaluation ofconcepts orevidence,facilitating a highlylogical, coherentand balanceddevelopment ofjudgements orarguments. Strongawareness of otherstances.Good presentation,interpretation andevaluation ofconcepts orevidence, facilitatinga logical andcoherentdevelopment ofjudgements orarguments thatshows awareness ofother stances.Adequatepresentation,interpretation andevaluation ofconcepts orevidence, facilitatinga largely logical andcoherentdevelopment ofjudgements orarguments. Anemerging awarenessof other stances.A limited use ofconcepts or evidenceto support emergingjudgements orarguments, althoughnot always logical orcoherent and withinaccuracies.Largely descriptivework, with limitedeffort made to useconcepts or evidenceto developjudgements orarguments.Informationaccepteduncritically, withunsubstantiatedopinions evident.Descriptive workwith no effort madeto use concepts orevidence to developjudgements orarguments. Viewsexpressed are oftenillogical, invalid orirrelevant. Minimalor no use ofevidence to back upviews.Work is largelyirrelevant orinaccurate,characterised bydescriptive text andunsubstantiatedgeneralisations.Complete lack ofevidence to back upviews.Application oftheory topractice (forcourses with aprofessionalpracticeelement)Excellentapplication oftheory to practice,with the studentmaking highlyappropriate,developed andSound application oftheory to practice,with the studentmaking appropriate,well-developed andarticulated linksbetween the two.Consistent andaccurate applicationof theory to practice,with the studentmaking appropriatelinks between thetwo.Relevant theoreticalknowledge andunderstandingapplied in practice,but with studentsnot always makingLimitedunderstanding of theapplication of theoryto practice, with thestudent often notmaking appropriateWeakunderstanding ofthe application oftheory to practice,with only occasionalevidence of thestudent makingVery weaktheoreticalknowledge andunderstanding, withno evidence ofappropriate Assignment Brief Academic Year 2020-217Business Environment AssessmentcategoryPass mark, demonstrating achievement of all associated learning outcomesMarginal failFail1st: 70% – 100%2:1: 60% – 69%2:2: 50% – 59%3rd: 40% – 49%35% – 39%20% – 34%< 20%articulated linksbetween the two.logical links betweenthe two.links between thetwo.appropriate linksbetween the two.application inpractice.Reading andreferencingCritical engagementwith a wide range ofrelevant reading,including researchinformed literaturewhere relevant.Consistentlyaccurate applicationof referencing.Engagement with awide range ofrelevant reading.Sound application ofreferencing, with noinaccuracies orinconsistencies.Engagement with anappropriate range ofreading beyondessential texts.Referencing mayshow minorinaccuracies orinconsistencies.Evidence of reading,largely confined toessential texts, butmainly reliant ontaught elements.Referencing mayshow inaccuraciesand/orinconsistencies.Poor engagementwith essential textsand no evidence ofwider reading.Heavily reliant ontaught elements.Inconsistent andweak use ofreferencing.Limited evidence ofreading and/orreliance oninappropriatesources. Limitedengagement withtaught elements.Very poor use ofreferencing.No evidence ofreading orengagement withtaught elements.Absent orincoherentreferencing.Presentation,style andstructure *Highly effectivepresentation ofwork that iscoherentlystructured andclearly expressedthroughout.Competentpresentation of workin terms of structureand clarity ofexpression.Work is structured ina largely coherentmanner and is forthe most part clearlyexpressed.Orderedpresentation inwhich relevant ideas/ concepts arereasonablyexpressed.Work is loosely, andat timesincoherently,structured, withinformation andideas often poorlyexpressed.Work is poorlypresented in adisjointed andincoherent manner.Information andideas are verypoorly expressed,with weak Englishand/orinappropriate style.Work is extremelydisorganised, withmuch of the contentconfusinglyexpressed. Verypoor English and/orvery inappropriatestyle. * Work that significantly exceeds the specified word limit may be penalised.


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