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InstructionsTime: 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.Note: there is a 30-minute allowance for uploading the scripsCoursework Component Two will require students to carry out a criticalassessment and interpretation of a complex case study as a time-limited exercise.You must work independently (NOT with other students) in developing ideas andwriting up your answers during the online test. Your answers must be uploaded onstudynet/canvas at the end of the test.• You must answer two questions in total: one integrative compulsoryquestion from section A and one from the optional questions in sectionB. Answers should be in essay format with the addition of headings andsubheadings, where appropriate.• There is no word count limit for this assignment as it is time bound andan online test• You must include your student number but no name on the document• Make sure that you clearly state the question(s) you are answeringduring the test.Section A1. Using the Resource Based View (specifically VRIO), evaluative how AppleInc. gained its competitive advantage. What resources and capabilities differentiatedApple Inc. from its competitors? What advise can you give to the leadership of AppleInc. based on their competitive position in the marketplace?Section B2. Using the Industry Life Cycle, analyse the different stages of Apple Inc.’sdevelopment and assess its challenges. What can you recommend as the mostappropriate strategy of Apple Inc. going forward? Justify your argument with moduletheory and evidence from the case study3. Use PESTLE to analyse the external environmental factors affecting Apple Inc.’soperation. Assess Apple Inc.’s strategic position to their competitors? What canmanagement do to revamp its competitiveness in the external environment?4. Critically evaluate the Apple Inc.’s decision-making and determine if they havetaken an inside out or outside in approach. What recommendations can you provideto the senior managers of Apple Inc.’s. Justify your argument with module theory andevidence from the case study5. Identify Apple Inc.’s generic strategy. Drawing on evidence from the case,evaluate how Apple Inc. originally achieved and have sustained their competitiveadvantage. Identify what, in your view, are their core competencies. Justify yourargument with module theory and evidence from the case study6. Using Ansoff’s framework, identify what, in your view, are Apple Inc.’s growthoptions in the future. Identify the ways in which Apple Inc.’s has achievedcompetitive advantage and critically evaluate the ways in which they try to sustaintheir competitive position in the market. Justify your argument with module theoryand evidence from the case study.


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