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OPMT 1187 NET Assignment # 2 – 100 Marks available Comprehensive Project Management Plan Individual Student Assignment Using the materials learned each week throughout this course, create a comprehensive project management plan for the selected scenario. Use the same scenario you selected for Assignment 01. The written report must be completed to a highly professional level which could be provided to business executives in any major firm. Clarity, appearance, content, spelling and grammar are all important aspects. Where information is not provided you may make assumptions based upon business logic. These assumptions must be listed in your proposal under a separate page titled: Statement of Assumptions. You must receive instructor approval of your assumptions no later than Week 05. Required Content Your report must contain ALL of the following, in this order. Note that depending upon the scenario you choose some issues will be of a higher concern than others and will require further details. Project Charter (3-4 pages) – include the updated Assignment 01 as an Appendix at the end of your project planIdentification of who the Customer is (real person, title, company) and what they value from this project – include their pictureStakeholder identification and analysis – include power/interest grid and Stakeholder RegisterIdentification of who the Project Sponsor is (real person, title, company) and why project matters to them – include their pictureScope of the project- including technical requirements, limits, exclusions, constraintsStatement of Work – full detailed description of all project deliverables identified in the scenario – two paragraphs for each deliverable explaining what Deliverable will look like upon completion. Include an additional Deliverable titled – Project ManagementWork Breakdown Structure (WBS) graphic –3 levels deep. Minimum 8 work activities per deliverable, except for the Project Management deliverable which needs only one work activityWork activities Explained (from WBS) – explain each work activity in two sentences eachProject Costs – Cost estimates for each work activity, cost contingencies for only the high-risk work activities. Identify Cost Baseline, Management Reserve and Project BudgetProject Schedule – Gantt chart or MS Project, include all work activities, identify Critical PathProject Gates – how many, where in the project, acceptance criteria each gateRisks – Risk Matrix – risk identification, assessment, prioritization and contingency planning for all high risksProject Team – roles & responsibilities of each personProject Communications – Matrix showing internal and external, types and frequencyKey Performance Measurements (KPM’S) specific quantifiable metrics to track success of the project (5-6 high-level KPM’s).Project Procurement – identify external resources, tendering seller selection details (RFP evaluation grids) contract management and seller performance monitoringQuality Control – inspection (acceptance) criteria for each work activityOther issues important for your project – environmental, government, societal or health/safety considerations The report must begin with an Executive Summary followed by the Statement of Assumptions, listing any assumptions you make based upon the limited information presented in the available project scenarios. Then each area discussed should take into consideration your assumptions. Each category should be based upon subject materials as presented within each week’s class. Report will include a title page followed by the Executive summary, then a List of Assumptions (to be approved by the Instructor) and then the body of the report. Bibliography and references are not required. Past typical reports have averaged anywhere from 40-50 pages in length. Please note that it is the CONTENT of the report that matters. Assignment is due the end of Week #11, via email. Important Note: Plagiarism, whether from external sources, or other BCIT students, will not be tolerated.


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