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ASSIGNMENT Programme TitleMA CAMModule TitleCulinary Management ProjectModule Code755Assignment TitleBenchmarking effective production systemsLevel7Weighting100LecturersR SwinnockW/C Hand Out Date01/03/2021Due DateBy 21st May 2021 at 17.00hrsFeedback Post Date22/06/2021Assignment FormatReportAssignment Word Count3500 excluding appendices and other exhibitsPresentation DurationN/aModule LearningOutcomes covered inthis assignment1. Apply the stages of project management to theundertaking of a project brief within the context of aspecific organisation2. Demonstrate higher level skills associated with projectmanagement3. Effectively apply theories, concepts and techniques tothe solution of a real industry issue4. Derive feasible and realistic proposals in the meeting ofa brief for a specific organisationSubmission Format(include ATS key forhard copy submissione-SubmissionIndividualATS CodeClick here to enter text. ASSIGNMENT TASKBackground scenarioIn a post Brexit and COVID19 world, professional kitchen operations face increasingoperating pressures. Resource constraints on staffing, waste reduction and stakeholderdemands mean that cost intensive environments may need to reconsider how products andservices are delivered to optimise productivity output. Operating limitations and alternativeinitiatives such as offering take out services to offset losses have required creative adjustmentto menu design and production methods.This assessment requires you to formulate a written project management proposal reportwhich presents a plan to diversify the production and delivery of selected menu items, takenfrom the UCB restaurant menu, and offering them as ‘take-out’ dishes.Important COVID noteIf current restrictions remain in place this assessment will be undertaken as a conceptualsubmission. The team are however very conscious of students wishing to undertakedevelopment work in kitchens. If Government restrictions permit, the assessment will facilitatepractical dish development testing. Students remote to Birmingham having to remain inisolation may use domestic kitchen premises to undertake development activity. In such acase food would not be for public consumption other than immediate family and housemates.Where students experience severe financial limitations. If you are unable to undertakedevelopment practical work at home or onsite, your report will be based on conceptualmodelling.This assessment requires you to:Stage 1o Identify and describe two (maximum) dishes identified from the UCB menu intendedfor take -out deliveryo Justify the menu choice using Menu Engineering to qualify the anticipated popularitymeasured against food cost/ contribution margin the dish choices offero Where on site/ home kitchen testing permits: Produce the 2 dishes and presentthem as if delivered to on an site restaurant customer (this is to develop your technicalunderstanding of the dishes). Include images. UCB based testing will be done in pairsto facilitate discussion. Testing would be bi-weekly.o If on site testing/home testing cannot take place your evaluation will be basedon the current recipe specificationso Evaluate the technical and sensory attributes of the 2 dishes as per their originallyintended restaurant format. This should include:▪ Evaluate the production methods applied and resource requirements▪ Present 2 GANTT chart models depicting the cookery process of eachdish measured against time in minutes▪ Appraise the sensory characteristics of the dishes▪ Using retail prices as a guide, evaluate the dish and production costs ofthe dishesStage 2o Reformulate the 2 dishes so that they are suitable for a take-out serviceo Where on site testing permits: Reproduce the 2 dishes in stage 1 and presentthem as if intended for off-site consumption as a ‘take out’ meal. Include images.UCB based testing will be done in pairs to facilitate discussion.o Where on site testing/home testing does not permit your access yourevaluation will be based on conceptual modelso Develop 2 detailed Gantt Charts which communicate the stages of development ofyour take-out dishes from production to the point of dispatcho Evaluate and justify your 2 proposed reformulated disheso Consider the production methods used to facilitate volume outputo Consider the revisions to the presentation of the dishes to maintain appeal andfacilitate safe legally compliant transportationo Consider the packaging to be used and its impact to the dish from service to customero Consider the production costs of human, physical and financial resources to limit costwastage with these reformulated disheso Identify and justify the food service distribution system, and / or outsource service youwould use (consider speed, cost, dependability, quality, flexibility)Stage 3Your report should conclude with a final reflection of your reformulated dishes and identifyfurther development issues.TASK GUIDANCEFor guidance on this assignment, please access the assignment vodcast available throughCanvas.o Consider current remote delivery practices in other food operations. You may findbenchmark examples beneficial to your product idea.o Process flow improvements may examine a variety of issues. You may wish toconsider such issues as design layout, equipment choices and positioning, workmethod, menu implications, technology developments, systems underpinning staffingcompetence.o Project and operations management models may be used and applied to helpcommunicate your concept ideaso Appendices may be used selectively to present exhibitso Applied models, appendices and reference lists will be excluded from the word counto Your writing style should be clear and succinct. Avoid elaborate descriptive proseGENERAL ASSIGNMENT GUIDANCE TEAMWORK AND ITS ASSESSMENTShould this assignment require you to workas part of a team for the elemnt ofdeveloping product testing only. The reportwill reflect your own workImportance of Word Counts andPresentation TimingsAssignment word counts and presentationtimings should always be observed.Ignoring a word count increasessignificantly the risk of your work losingmarks because it lacked structure, flow,focus and clarity.E-submission date for late work Grading criteria Circumstances Referencing Guide Academic Guidance


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