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ENGR2711/ENGR8761 Engineering Mathematics/Engineering Mathematics GEAssignment 1You should select one of Workshops 1-5 to write a report on. There is no fixed word count forthe report, but it would typically be somewhere between 3-8 pages. The report should includethe following headings.Introduction – Describe the problem, including any relevant background information.Analysis – Provide the derivation of the mathematical formulation of the problem. In theprocess of doing so, describe any assumptions you are making, indicate which variables you havechosen, and provide any known constant that you are using.Solutions – Solve the mathematical formulation, showing each step.Interpretation – Interpret the solution of the mathematical formulation in the context of theoriginal problem. Make sure to include relevant units.Discussion – Explore how the solution may change if certain parameters were altered, or ifsome of your assumptions were changed. Discuss how these may make the problem more difficultor even intractable to solve. Include some figures exploring these ideas.References – Include any references you have used, such as sources for your known constants,or for interesting features of your problem.Note that the Assignment Grading Rubric (available on FLO) indicates that weightings for eachof the sections, and what is expected.Assignment 1 is due on Friday Week 7 at 5PM. Please submit the assignment on FLO, usingthe Assignment 1″ link.


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