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Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. Environmental scan of the healthcare sector: 3 3. Alignment with the hospitals’ mission and strategy: 4 4. Stakeholder – Needs/Requirements: 5 5. Problem identification and opportunity: 6 6. IT solution – Vendor and Solution 7 7. References: 13 Introduction The organization Cuthbert’s healthcare tends to own 4 hospitals in total, which run as non-profit organizations. Organization comprises of 750 hospital beds. Approximately 950 medical specialists are accredited to practice at the hospitals and 800 full time employees per year. Services provided by this institute are routine medical and clinical services, dental, maternity, rehabilitation and mental illness. Hospital offers home nursing, disability services and social outreach programs with in campus admission. Organization’s mission is to boost up the morale and contribute to healthiness and welfare by providing concerned care to everyone, tendering all aspects of their life (physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual). However, one of the key challenges that is being faced by the organization on regular occasions is the lack of connectivity within different services of the healthcare that tends to result in a form of compromise in the quality of the delivered healthcare services to the respective patients. Moreover, within the organization the respective practitioners and the management officials tend to provide free quality healthcare services within the areas of operations. Environmental scan of the healthcare sector: The health sector in the current era of technological advancement has seen immense growth, however, with the rise of stakeholders and diverse needs along with a different range of services, the stakeholders’ needs are not being met fully. The following graph visualises the flow of income for private hospitals in Australia accounting for a raise every five years. Between 2009-10 the income was around $632 million while in 2013-14 the income rose to $964 million assuring a straight raise of 3.9% within the gap of four years. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2021). Graph 1.1 Source: (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2021) Moreover, the WA health digital strategy 2020, proposes different initiatives that allow hospitals to assert better control over the hospitals’ operations. In this aspect, mobile health is promoted as it can empower the patients to have more control over the health records and avail tailored services from the hospitals meeting individual health needs. The initiative can be executed by developing mobile-based apps that offer fast services and records patients’ database, and with remote patient monitoring systems hospitals can efficiently control the access health progression of patients along with better service in the event of any emergency (Ww2.health.wa.gov.au. 2021). Therefore, it can be recommended that the organisation St Cuthbert can resort to digital transformation with the resource or profit accumulated through its various health services. In doing so, the organisation can adopt the directions prescribed by WA health digital strategy. As per the strategy provided independent reporting is advised with the implementation program. In addition to this, it is also suggested that organisations like Cuthbert needs to initially prepare a roadmap based on the needs of the organisation and accordingly select the objectives for the digital infrastructure of the organisation. Alignment with the hospitals’ mission and strategy: The healthcare organization in the case of this study works with the objective of becoming center of excellence within the community as well as to provide all-embracing, compassionate as well as individualized care to the affected from life threatening illness. The organization tends to consider factors like integrity, professionalism, choice and reputation. Yet, the organisation lacks proper infrastructure as it is also noted that the organisation outsources certain activities to third parties regarding IT administration. Thus, most of the patients’ experience as per the case study is not positive with the organisation. Such instances are the major cause of the digital transformation of organisation in the current era. The use of IT to provide services as illustrated by Holland, G. (2021) helps hospitals to mitigate challenges of high service cost, which further allows the hospitals to deliver accurate and timely reporting. The decision-making process can be precise by evaluating the records from the patients’ database. In addition to this, the hospital can employ an adequate workforce and ensure efficient service delivery by prioritising consumer needs as the core objective of the organisation. It is highly significant for the organisation to employ a separate IT management team in order to effectively implement the digital transformation process. Therefore, Mathews et al. (2019) recommend that brokerage for IT administration should be partnered with an organisation that helps Cuthbert to innovate its service delivery process and ensure a quick digital solution. These features can help the organisation to be persistent with its mission and business strategy. Table 2 Source: (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2021) Stakeholder – Needs/Requirements: Evangelista et al. (2019) has mentioned that any sort of organisational transformation requires assessment of the needs and interest of the stakeholders. Thus, the organisation Cuthbert must ensure that the digital transformation is conducted by considering the identified issue mostly faced by the stakeholders or the patients of the hospitals. However, digital transformation will also require recruitment and training of the process to the existing and new staff, which can help the employees to be adaptable with the ongoing transformation. Problem identification and opportunity: According to the case study, it is clear that patients and staff frustration are mainly due to the lack of a rapid administration process. As stated earlier the hospital lacks a proper IT infrastructure, thus, it needs to invest in the same. Therefore, based on the recommendation provided by the WA health digital strategy up-skilling the existing workforce can be an opportunity for the hospital to mitigate the current challenges. The major challenge that the organisation may face in the process of digital transformation is the aspect of adapting positively to organisational change. It is to note that organisational change needs to be implemented by considering the needs and wants of the overall stakeholders. As the case study depicts, the staff and the consumers were frustrated as the IT infrastructure of the hospital was not fast enough to ensure efficient service delivery. Since the barrier to organisational change is mainly disapproval of the stakeholders for implementing a new process, yet, in the case of Cuthbert, this issue can easily be mitigated as the stakeholders need an efficient IT infrastructure. IT solution – Vendor and Solution In the context of the organization Cuthbert’s Healthcare, different paper-based observations related records have been used in terms of managing the affairs of the respective patients, the kinds of treatments that need to be provided as well as the employee related engagements.Since the hospital lacks IT infrastructure, it can establish a partnership with IT service providers and engage in organisational knowledge management activities that include sharing resources, knowledge transfer or data sharing. Garg et al. (2018) has referred to the implementation of digital transformation of the health sector, which is quite evident in recent years. Still, Jayaraman et al. (2020) has argued that the same is yet to be achieved as the process may be lengthy. Thus, based on the current environment of the health care sector, the organisation can identify strategic management techniques to deliver the best service for meeting the diverse needs of the diverse stakeholders. Moreover, the organisation can seek assistance from the IT service providers in Australia. The hospital needs to outsource the management of the IT department with proper expertise in the field. TEAM IM is an IT service vendor efficient in providing consumer-oriented solutions. As their major propagandas are based upon networking and connectivity, thus it incurs equipment’s of telecommunications. Its major cost benefits are time saving along with systematic communication thus ensuring efficient utilization of economical products. TEAM IM has induced its background in cloud storage and data management facilities thus is efficient into acknowledging an architecture of risk management. Network and connectivity, software design is some of the services it offers. They implement network and connectivity within projects through complete customization of it. The area of concern is the ability of the staff to cope up with the IT system. The organization will help to develop and manufacture healthcare-related architectures as well as different software solutions. The equipment and tools required by the organization Cuthbert’s healthcare in this case tends to include computers, servers, printers, hardware tools and equipment, wired as well as mobile telephones, on-site process control as well as automation systems, assets related to telecommunications and other related information technology tools. In this case the organization also faces the challenge of managing the respective personal information of the patients and employees, which is one of the key areas of operations management. In terms of resolving these issues the organization has planned to invest in the IT section in order to achieve the desired goals and objectives. The risk involves time consumption in staff training as well as its proper functioning for seamless communication and operation. It is imperative for the organization to understand that relationships with vendors tend to vary and substantial ones might be intertwined with the current processes that are being followed. In terms of ensuring that the IT vendor is being installed effectively, the following aspects need to be considered: Vendor Search as well as ContractingTransition to the newly installed vendorManagement processes of the new vendor after the transition process is being completed The vendor management duties and responsibilities are as follows: New standards need to be establishedNew vendors need to be hiredContracts need to be negotiatedThe newly formed relationships need to be cultivatedNew sale trends need to be effectively monitoredIt is imperative to attend the respective organizational programsMoreover, proper supply processes need to be implemented in terms of satisfying the clients properlyAfter the orders are being received inventories need to be checked in terms of ensuring that the services can be provided whenever required Procurement Management Plan is an important part of any IT solutions, as the compatibility should match with the organization requirements. Organizations need to connect with the vendors to perform the meeting to meet the projects expectations. Team will have to establish the partnerships and ensures the delivery of the tools and equipment carried out without delay. Proposal Evaluation This is a method in which organization open the tender for all the vendors so that they can provide the quotes and specifications of the tools and equipment they have. Organization evaluate the criteria as per the organizational requirements, then as per the below calculation tool, organization selects the best dealer suits the organizations. Proposal Evaluation of Tool and Equipment for St Cuthbert’s Healthcare As per the above scores, we would pick proposal No.1 Vendor The case study reveals that the majority of challenges faced by both the customers that are the patients and the staff, thus, Morley & Floridi (2019) suggest the use of an integrated model that can help integrate the middle and back office system for ensuring that customers receive a seamless service with easy access to records and documents. Thus, an effective solution in this regard can be a system that delivers mobility, which is an assessment of the right information to the right client. The models used to be adaptable to change and should promote continuous innovation. The aspect of agility is needed in order to make changes in the process with the change in needs of the staff or consumers. Moreover, the emphasis should be not better connectivity to track health progression and support whenever needed. References: Evangelista, L., Steinhubl, S. 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Enabling digital health companionship is better than empowerment. The Lancet Digital Health, 1(4), e155-e156. Private Hospitals, Australia, 2016-17 financial year. Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2021). Retrieved 19 April 2021, from https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/health/health-services/private-hospitals-australia/latest-release. Ww2.health.wa.gov.au. (2021). Retrieved 21 April 2021, from https://ww2.health.wa.gov.au/-/media/Files/Corporate/Reports-and-publications/Digital-strategy/Digital-Strategy-2020-2030.pdf.


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