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Assignment – 3: Film Review Description Students are to write a lively and energetic film review of either The Imitation Game or Remains of the Day, assessing the strengths and weaknesses in production, setting, thematic development, symbolism, and characterization. The main intent is analysis of a film text, not the book from which the film script was adapted, or comparison of the content of the film vs the book. The assumption is that each film has both literary and fictional aspects. Instructions: 1. Select one of the two films, based on your level of engagement with the plot and characters as well as issues. Keep in mind that The Imitation Game is based on the biography of a real person while The Remains of the Day is based on a postcolonial novel. Both are set in England. The genre of one may have greater appeal for you than the other.2. The main source for this assignment is the film text. Additional research is not required, but if you decide to present materials from secondary sources, you must provide a list of references and in-text citations set up APA style. a. If you decide to draw on any reading you may have done about the film or the book behind it or the writers and artist involved, you must document those sources.b. Otherwise, the film is your only entry in the list of references. Remember that any impact other reviews or reviewers may have on your own writing or ideas, MUST be documented with in-text citations and must be included in the list of references. 3. Start with some free writing about what you liked and did not like in the film.4. Keep coming back to the workplace themes you have already discussed in this course. The review needs to focus on ways in which the film is successful (or not) in presenting those issues (such as professionalism, conformity vs rebellion, gender roles, and personal life vs work life).5. Take notes in which you group points under the headings: production, setting, thematic development, symbolism, and characterization.6. Write a draft that provides general points about the film. In it you might a. include a brief plot summary;b. focus on two or three key scenes in the film;c. state what you believe to be the climax or crisis in the plot; and/ord. summarize the insights the characters may display and state your assessment of how they change as a result of the workplace situations presented in the film. 7. Write an overview statement that indicates your overall impression and verdict of the film. Use that as a main controlling idea, and present arguments to support it.8. Decide whether you would recommend this film to other viewers who are interested in workplace issues (for example, how individuals regard their own work experience at various stages in their lives).9. Write a second draft, edited down to about 1,500 words (+/- 150 words) that refines, adds new insights and details, and deletes parts that seem redundant or no longer supportive of your central argument or theme. Remove any headings you have used in earlier drafts.10. Edit your review, with attention to style (grammar and sentencing), adding vivid language, as possible.11. Set up an APA title page; add references, as appropriate, and submit. Evaluation The following rubric indicates those areas you should be focusing on in preparing your assignment, and how the instructor will weigh these components relative to one another.   Activity/Competencies Demonstrated% of Final Grade 1 Critical thinking 55%   Arguments presented that are clear, well organized, and persuasive/10  Evidence presented to support main ideas/10  Imaginative and engaging approach /5  Examples analyzed/10  Strengths and weaknesses of film assessed/10  Coverage given to production, setting, thematic development, symbolism, and characterization/10 2 Communication 25%   Appropriate language and vocabulary used with confidence/10  Balance of ideas and details/5  Clear, direct and effective expression/10 3 Details: 20%   Grammar and spelling correct/5  Sentencing and paragraphing /5  Film review format used effectively/10  Total  Assignment Value (%): 15%/100 /15


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