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05/01/21 Film & Television: Research & Context | Anglia Ruskin University LibraryFilm & Television: Research & Context(Academic Year 2020/21)MA FTVP moduleView Online28 itemsFilm art: an introduction – David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson, Jeff Smith, 2019Book | Suggested for Student PurchaseInterpreting television – Karen Lury, 2005Book | Recommended ReadingThe film experience: an introduction – Timothy Corrigan, Patricia Barry, 2018BookTele-visions: an introduction to studying television – Glen Creeber, British Film Institute,2006Book | Recommended ReadingThe conversations: Walter Murch and the art of editing film – Michael Ondaatje, WalterMurch, 2004Book | Excellent book about editing.In the blink of an eye: a perspective on film editing – Walter Murch, c2001Book | Essential reading about editing.Adventures in the lives of others: ethical dilemmas in factual filmmaking – 2015Book | Good on ethical issues.This much is true: 14 directors on documentary filmmaking – James Quinn, 2013Book | Good on ethical issuesRestyling factual TV: audiences and news, documentary and reality genres – Annette Hill,2007Book | Recommended ReadingCritical ideas in television studies – John Corner, 1999BookThe television genre book – 2015BookFifty key television programmes – Glen Creeber, 2004BookThe documentary film book – British Film Institute, 2013BookThe researcher’s guide: film, television, radio and related documentation collections in the1/205/01/21 Film & Television: Research & Context | Anglia Ruskin University LibraryUK. – Sergio Angelini, British Universities Film & Video Council, 2006BookCreative documentary: theory and practice – Wilma De Jong, Erik Knudsen, Jerry Rothwell,2012BookSigns and meaning in the cinema – Peter Wollen, British Film Institute, 2013BookDeveloping story ideas: the power and purpose of storytelling – Michael Rabiger, 2017Book | Recommended ReadingGreenlit: developing factual/reality TV ideas from concept to pitch – Lees, Nicola, 2010Book | Recommended ReadingThe Pitch – Eileen Quinn, Judy Counihan, 2006Book | Recommended ReadingVisualizing research: a guide to the research process in art and design – Carole Gray, JulianMalins, c2004Book | Recommended ReadingMaking documentary films and videos: a practical guide to planning, filming, and editingdocumentaries – Barry Hampe, Barry Hampe, 2007Book | Recommended ReadingAudio-vision: sound on screen – Michel Chion, 2019Book | Recommended ReadingResearching for the media: television, radio and journalism – Ad©·le Emm, 2014BookVisual methodologies: an introduction to researching with visual materials – Gillian Rose,2016BookFilm genre reader IV – 2012BookBeginning film studies – Andrew Dix, 2016Book | Recommended ReadingDocumentary voice & vision: a creative approach to non-fiction media production – KellyAnderson, Martin Lucas, Mick Hurbis-Cherrier, Amy Saidens, 2016BookScreen Production Research: Creative Practice as a Mode of Enquiry – 2018Book | Recommended Reading2/2


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