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B9MG007Page 1 of 2QQIMBA – All StreamsSUMMER 2020 EXAMINATIONS Module Code:B9MG007Module Description: Global Issues forManagementMr. Enda MurphyExaminers: Internal Moderator: Ms. Ann MastersonExternal Examiner: Ms. Jennifer LawlorDate: Monday, 27th April 2020Time: 9:30-11:30INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATESTime allowed is 2 hoursAnswer 3 Questions out of 5 Questions. All questions carry equal marksCandidates are reminded that all questions require a mix of theoretical models,current sources, and practical examples.B9MG007Page 2 of 2Question 1Critically assess the evidence in favour of, and against, Globalisation / Free Trade intoday’s international business environment.(33 marks)Question 2Critically analyse the experience and personal characteristics required to be thesuccessful CEO of a Multinational organisation today. Your answer should contain anumber of relevant examples.(33 marks)Question 3Critically evaluate the impact of PESTEL forces when assessing the attractiveness ofinternational markets, citing relevant examples.(33 marks)Question 4“The Euro was much more a political project than an economic one. That is the keyto understanding the problems it now faces”.[McWilliams, 2017]Critically discuss this statement. (33 marks)Question 5Critically assess the need for a multinational corporation to maintain its reputation asa good corporate citizen, and to implement a consistent policy on Ethics,Sustainability and Governance.(33 marks)END OF EXAMINATION


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