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B9MG007Page 1 of 2QQIMBA/MSc Management PracticeWINTER 2020 EXAMINATIONSModule Code: B9MG007Module Description: Global Issues for ManagementExaminers: Dr PJ Paul/ Enda MurphyInternal Moderator: Ann MastersonExternal Examiner: Jennifer LawlorDate: Friday, 3rd January 2020Time: 09:30-11:30INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATESTime allowed is 2 hoursAnswer three Questions out of fiveAll questions carry equal marksB9MG007Page 2 of 2Question 1.“We should keep on going along the path of globalization.Globalization is good… when trade stops, war comes” [Jack Ma, founder of AlibabaGroup, 2019]Critically evaluate the arguments in favour of [17 marks] and against [16 marks]Globalisation and Free Trade.Question 2.“Hundreds of the biggest public companies in the USA havescrapped their shareholder-first ideology” [Irish Times, September 2019]Critically compare and contrast the “Shareholder” and “Stakeholder” models ofCompany Purpose, having regard to differing preferences around the world.[33 marks]Question 3.“The Euro was a political project first and an economic project second, whichaccounts for all of its current difficulties” [David McWilliams]Critically assess the current position and future prospects of the EU CommonCurrency [33 marks]Question 4.Citing examples, critically evaluate the implications of Brexit for the European Union[33 marks]Question 5.“Leadership is a privilege, not a right. It has to be earned byproducing results, and by delivering change” [Sergio Marchionne, CEO NissanRenault].Critically discuss this statement in the context of leading an international business,whose workforce is multi-cultural. You should cite practical examples in support ofyour analysis. [33 marks]END OF EXAMINATION


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