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Page 1 of 1ASSESSMENT TASKA. Identify a problem facing your organisation, you personally or an organisation that you are associatedwith that is amenable to the Simple Multi-attribute Rating Technique (SMART) andapply a SMART analysis to it. Ensure that you give a brief outline of the problem and explain whySMART is an appropriate technique to be applied.You should discuss the limitations and strengths of the use of decision analysis in relation toyour chosen decision problem.B. Take either an organisation with which you are familiar or a case study and evaluate the success orfailure of the company in implementing either a Total quality management process or aKaizen approach. Ensure that you explore the key challenges faced by a company attempting toimplement such processes, covering key organisational factors that could act as with barriers orfacilitators to such a change such as organisational culture, management styles and decision makingsystems as well existing practices and processesBe sure to draw and as much theory as well as practical examples to both guide and support youranalysis.SUBMISSION FORMATIn terms of word length tasks A and B should be equivalent to 2,500 words each. Please note thatassignment submissions will be electronically scanned to provide notification of possible plagiarism.MARKING CRITERIAThe following criteria will be used to assess the assignment:Task A The correct application of SMART Analysis to an appropriate decision problem.[50 %] Task BThe appropriate application of various quality techniques to case study with a cleardemonstration of critical evaluation. This element of the assignment should bestructured[50%]clearlyandreferencedappropriately. LEARNING OUTCOMESHaving completed this unit the student is expected to:1. demonstrate competence in employing a systematic design process in analysing and solvingdesign problems;2. critically analyse total quality and quality systems in the design and manufacture of products;3. critically evaluate decision making techniques to aid management judgement;4. have a critical awareness of the implications of design management decisions.


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