Internship and Management Project | My Assignment Tutor Internship and Management ProjectSession 1Dr Judith WoodsModule IntroductionContact Information Module CoordinatorDr Judith WoodsRoom: 1D18Tel: 028 90368479Email: [email protected] Hours: Monday 14:15 – 15:15Wednesday 11:15 – 12:15Module CodeBMG909Module CRN84981/84982Module Level7Teaching StaffDr Judith Woods (as above) Module Aims• To further develop research and project management skills;• To pursue an in-depth study within an area of business andmanagement;• To enhance and further develop practical management skills;• To equip students with the necessary competencies to prepare astructured, well-presented report;• To enhance employability and career prospects;• To reflect on their professional development;• To communicate with both an academic and a professionalaudience.BMG909 – Adjustments due to COVID-19• Do to the coronavirus pandemic it is no longer requiredfor each student to secure an internship as part if thismodule.• Students are free to work on a desk-based researchproject instead.• This research project must still satisfy the academiccriteria for the module.Teaching PlanWorkshops – LIVE 23/03/2021 (2.15pm-5.15pm)An introduction to the moduleThis session will introduce the module, outlining its purpose,structure and associated assessment.. The project proposal willbe discussed in-depth during this session. Academicsupervisors will also be confirmed during this class.26/04/2021 (3.15pm-5.15pm)Management Report and ResearchMethodsThis session will look at the final report. This will also include areview of research methods. It is expected that students willhave had some experience of research methods at this point viathe online research methods element of the module. Teaching PlanOnline Research Methods Available NowOnline Research MethodsContent relating to research methods and specifically theconduct of secondary data collection and analysis can beaccessed within the module space on Blackboard Learn (seefolder entitled “Research Methods – Online Sessions”). Studentare advised to work their way through this content as well asuse it as a point of reference throughout the module. Teaching PlanAcademic Supervision Semester 2/3Supervision Meetings (Online)Your supervisors will act as your guide throughout the moduleand will take the lead in terms of assisting you and your projectdevelopment. All queries pertaining to your project i.e. theproject itself or your proposal should be directed to yourallocated supervisor in the first instance. All students havealready been allocated their academic supervisor and it is yourresponsibility to initiate contact with them. • Everyone should have already received an emailinforming them of who their academic supervisors are aswell as their contact email addresses.• It is your responsibility to initiate contact with yoursupervisor• Be sure to bear in mind that most academics go off JulyAugust to take this into account.• We will talk about managing this academic relationship inthe next session.SupervisorsAllocation of Academic SupervisorsAssessment Overview 1). Project Proposal2). Management ProjectReportLength1500 words7,500 wordsDate Due11am on Friday 2nd July202111am on Friday 10thSeptember 2021Percentage20%80%SubmissionElectronic Submission: You mustsubmit your work via the Turn It In iconon the Blackboard Learn module areacalled ‘Manaement Project Proposal’. Itwould be advisable to also email acopy to your supervisor.Ethical Approval MUST becompleted and attached.Electronic Submission: You mustsubmit your work via the Turn It In iconon the Blackboard Learn module areacalled ‘Management Project’. It wouldbe advisable to also email a copy toyour supervisor. Assessment 1 – Project Proposal20% of the overall module assessmentOverview:– A 1500 word project proposal must be developed by eachstudent to ensure clarity of project objectives, methodsand timescale. Whilst data will not be available at thisstage the student must seek to produce a robust outline oftheir intended project, its justification and intendedresearch methods.Assessment 2 – Management Project80% of the overall module assessment• The project should be 7500 words in length.• Overview:• The internship project should be of value to both theorganisation and the academic community.• Students will be expected to ground their project inrelevant theory, select appropriate research methods,conduct an acceptable piece of primary or secondaryresearch, discuss this in light of the academic literatureand make recommendations to the organisation. What business topic to choose?Things to think about…Here and now:• Which modules have you loved / hated so far?• If you could have one of your friend’s jobs, which onewould you have? Why?The future:• Would you like to work for the private sector, publicsector, third sector (voluntary organisations)?• What would you like to be doing in five years time?TaskDeveloping our proposal• Take 20 minutes to think about the previous questions.• Based on this identify:1. Any organisations and / or industries you think youmight like to focus your management project on.2. Subject areas you are interested in exploring i.e.operations / supply chain, marketing, finance,managing people etc.• Be ready to share your thoughts when we return.


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