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5/1/2021 Laureate International Universities 1/7MODULE 6 TOPIC 1 RESOURCES AND ACTIVITIESPlatforms for BuildingMicroservicesIntroduction:As can be seen from the introduction, a wave of cloud computing services wasone of the key drivers to adopt a cloud native approach through microservicesarchitecture. This allows developers to make use of a variety of platformsunder public, private and hybrid cloud conditions on which to develop theirmicroservices. As the philosophy has grown, so have the range of platformservice oàerings to support software engineers, developers and microservices5/1/2021 Laureate International Universities 2/7architects. However, in this module we will be looking at some of the leadingplatforms that applications can be migrated to in a move to the cloud.Many of the leading cloud providers oàer an ecosystem of compatibleoàerings in diàerent functional areas to support a microservices architecturesupporting containerization, container orchestration, communications,diagnostics and monitoring etc. However, as Ke (2019) has indicated –inselecting from a medley of services, the microservices architect shouldconsider several factors in selecting the most appropriate solution for theirneeds. There are many beneÕts and drawbacks to be considered whenselecting a proprietary tool to meet the needs of the organisation, themicroservices being built and the management of communications integration.The aim of this section is to oàer you insights into the major players whosupply cloud services that can be considered by microservices architects assolutions to meet their infrastructure and platform requirements. Note alsothat this list cannot be exhaustive, there are many diàerent providers oàeringplatforms that play a role in supporting a microservices architecture. Theintention to give you insights into the oàerings of the major players in the Õeldso that you have some frame of reference and can see some of the keydiàerences between them.Resources and Activities:Current Major Cloud ProvidersPlease watch the following video from Choosing cloud platform fordevelopers: AWS, AZure and GCP series:2.Baseline functionality available in the cloud: Current majorcloud providers (2m 55s)5/1/2021 Laureate International Universities 3/7Please watch this short video clip. Ke identiÕes the six dominantcloud solution providers and shows how diàerent components of asolution may be selected from diàerent providers depending onrequirements. Note the Platform as a Service oàerings fordevelopers which can simplify infrastructure decisions.Reference:Ke, Xian, (2019, June 26). Baseline functionality available in the cloud:Major Cloud Providers [Video Õle]. Retrieved from ( Web ServicesPlease watch the following video from Choosing cloud platform fordevelopers: AWS, AZure and GCP series:3.Historical strengths of three major cloud providers: Amazonweb services (3m 11s)Please watch this short video clip. As an early pioneer Amazon WebServices has a lead in market share over other providers. Please notethe section which discusses Amazon Lambda and the perceptionthat it is synonymous with microservices and why this is notnecessarily the case. Note Ke’s advice to establish whether a solutionfrom within the ecosystem will oàer you beneÕt in the context ofyour business use cases.Reference:Ke, Xian, (2019, June 26). Historical strengths of three major cloudproviders: Amazon Web Services [Video Õle]. Retrieved from Laureate International Universities 4/7developers-aws-azure-and-gcp/amazon-web-services?u=56744473( Cloud PlatformPlease watch the following video from Choosing cloud platform fordevelopers: AWS, AZure and GCP series:3.Historical strengths of three major cloud providers: Googlecloud platform (3m 13s)Please watch this short video clip. Note how Google Cloud Platformis identiÕed as having greater simplicity than competitor productsand a simpler Platform as a Service oàering seen as being a‘serverless’ platform.Reference:Ke, Xian, (2019, June 26). Historical strengths of three major cloudproviders: Google Cloud Platform [Video Õle]. Retrieved from AzurePlease watch the following video from Choosing cloud platform fordevelopers: AWS, AZure and GCP series:3.Historical strengths of three major cloud providers:Microsoft Azure (2 m 34s)5/1/2021 Laureate International Universities 5/7Please watch this short video clip. Note how Ke references the broadMicrosoft ecosystem, which is recognisable to businesses familiarwith Microsoft systems, and how Azure compared to the other cloudproviders can meet similar functionality needs. Another advantageidentiÕed with Azure is ease of combination with on-premisesolutions to provide a hybrid cloud solution.Reference:Ke, Xian, (2019, June 26). Historical strengths of three major cloudproviders: Microsoft Azure [Video Õle]. Retrieved from Cloud overviewPlease watch the following video from the Learning Alibaba cloudseries:1.Alibaba cloud account: Alibaba cloud overview (3m 33s)Please watch this short video clip. Note the various servicecategories that Alibaba Cloud oàers developers to build services – itis comprehensive with areas of strength. Notably, as Alibaba is acompany of Chinese origin, there is a clustering of usage thatpredominates in the Asia PaciÕc region.Reference:Langit, L. (2020, April 6). Alibaba cloud account: Alibaba CloudOverview [Video Õle]. Retrieved from Laureate International Universities 6/7Oracle’s Approach to Offering a MicroservicesFriendly Cloud PlatformPlease read this short article. While Oracle has always been a strongindustry player, they are a more recent adopter in becoming asupplier of serverless oàerings for those seeking an environment tohost their microservices architecture. Note the diagram which laysout the diàerent services and functionality that Oracle oàers tomicroservices architects.Reference:Currie, T. (2018, January 4). Oracle’s Approach to Oàering aMicroservices-Friendly Cloud Platform [Blog post]. Retrieved fromàering-microservicesfriendly-cloud-platform/ (àering-microservices-friendly-cloud-platform/)Additional Learning ResourcesIf you would like to learn more about the topics covered in this module,here are some additional resources. These resources will contribute tofurther develop understanding of the topics covered. However, theseresources are not essential to complete this module or the assessmentsassociated with this subject.Top cloud providers in 2020: AWS, Microsoft Azure,and Google Cloud, hybrid, SaaS playersDignan’s article oàers insights in the current leading cloud providersin 2020 in a maturing cloud computing market. Note his reference tomulticloud and how each provider oàers capability strengths.Reference:5/1/2021 Laureate International Universities 7/7Dignan, L. (2020, February 6). Top cloud providers in 2020: AWS,Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, hybrid, SaaS players. ZDNet.Retrieved from Activity 1: Alibaba in Asia PaciÕc Region DiscussionForum PostCollaborative learning activity: Three major cloud providersNote: The Learning activities above are not part of summative/gradedassessment; however they are designed to prepare you for incremental gradedassessment and expand your learning.These activities encourage a community learning experience between peers,and provide opportunities for facilitators to oàer formative feedback,throughout a module, to the student cohort.


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