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Coursework 1 Assignment BBS_5_MBL Managing Logistics And Negotiations Coursework Assignment 1 Submission Deadline: Friday 12/03/2021 by 2:00pm Develop a 15 minute Supply Chain, Procurement and Logistics PowerPoint presentation: with voiceover or slide notes of 1,200 words This assignment tests knowledge acquired research skills, critical thinking and efficient use of tools, practices and methods within the supply chain management context. Task description: DrinkHealthy Shop (DHS) is a health and wellbeing retailer in the UK, a competitor of Holland & Barrett when it comes to selling low calorie nutrition drinks. DHS is planning to include two types of Vitamin and Nutrient (low calorie) drinks to their current offering. They want to offer two types of 290ml bottles of basil seed drinks, with a shelf life of 24 months. DHS is not keen on plastic bottle drinks as this goes against their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) move to reduce plastic waste and to raise awareness of sustainable packaging and green logistics. As a supply chain and procurement consultant, you are to produce a detailed report or a professionally prepared pitch deck to help DHS decide on the best basil seed drinks to buy and the best fit suppliers and logistics companies to approach. You are forecasting to bring 7 x 20ft containers for each type of drink in year 1. Remember that 1 Metric Ton = 1000KG and 1 (20FT) container can carry approximately 16 metric tons. Your report should include the following: Market outlook: market channels and trends in Vitamin and Nutrient (low calorie) drinks consumption in the UK, especially in relation to basil seed drinks.Create a product procurement profile for the two drinks. Describe your products selection criteria. Also, select two different countries to compare and contrast optionsLogistics: For the two types of basil seed drinks, research and select the best supplier in each case, and advise on the port of origin and logistics companies. List the customs regulations and justify the Incoterm you have chosen.Take into account any risk issue and state how this can be mitigated or avoided.Your final conclusion and recommendation is vital to your clients in making their decision. This assignment will be assessed by the criteria below: 15%Market research: market outlook, background, trends etc.20%Product Profile: product selection/choice, suppliers choice, comparison, regulations20%Supply Chain & Logistics: port of origin, cost estimation including Insurance cost15%Risk Management Plan: what could go wrong, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)10%Recommendation and conclusion: ability to evaluate, analysis options critically and draw viable conclusion and provide recommendation10%Document Presentation: high quality, professional and best practice applied10%Language and Referencing: show academic integrity, attention to detail, and quality assurance with evidence of thorough research Coursework 2 Assignment BBS_5_MBL Managing Logistics And Negotiations Coursework Assignment 2 Submission Deadline: Friday 14/05/2021 by 2:00pm Undertake a Shipment profiling and negotiation report: 2,500 words PDF document. This assignment builds on previous knowledge and skills acquired but brings in the new element of negotiations. Students have to think of the arguments that would be used to negotiate a better business case. Assignment description: You are the procurement officer for SafeMedics, a UK retail company that specialises in various types of personal protective equipment delivered to UK hospitals.Your company (SafeMedics) wants to start importing anti-fog medical face shields from China and the United States and to increase its existing product portfolio.Your goal is to evaluate whether this would be beneficial for the business, starting with the estimate for 10 20ft containers of anti-fog medical face shields from China and for extra 5 20ft containers from the United States. The assignment will be evaluated as follows: 10%Create the Market research brief for anti-fog medical face shields in the UK market and for the company’s target audience.10%Describe the import regulations regarding China and the United States.15%Create a table with your 2 selected manufacturers from China and 2 from the United States, listing cost, quality and branding elements. Justify your selected incoterms.15%Create a table with the possible logistics costs per case (China and the United States), selecting 2 logistics companies for each country.20%Write a letter to each of the manufacturers and negotiate a constructive and meaningful deal for your company. Write 1 letter to each manufacturer. The letters must be different in content and well targeted to the separate manufacturers.10%Now create a table and compare your findings with a supplier in Europe. Compare against cost, quality and logistics. Next, write your conclusion and recommendations for the management of your SafeMedics.. The question to answer is: is it still profitable to import anti-fog medical face shields from China, the United States, or from a country in Europe? Which ones do you recommend? This section is in essence your report conclusion and recommendations10%Structure and Professional language used10%Research and Reference


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