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Marking scheme Postgraduate Research Methods Student name: LO. L1. critically explore and identify research areas in their subject discipline that are fertile, and formulate specific problems in these areas that are research-worthy   Research title is clear /Research question is formulated to state the problem attempted to be addressed by the work to be undertaken (10)Clear Aims and Objectives (10)Evidence of original thinking (5)Literature Review is underpinning the question and aims and objectives (10)  Total 35  LO.2 critically understand, and know how to apply, various different types of research methodology in their subject discipline   Methodology is justified and has a clear structure (20)Analysis and discussion of the findings have a connection to the research question and supported by the body of knowledge and critical thinking (15)  Total 35  LO3 construct, communicate, and defend a research strategy that is appropriate to the level of an MSc research project   The structure of the proposal and justification clearLimitations and further research are mentionedConclusions have a clear connection to the aims and objectives    Total 15          Presentation & Layout of the work and appropriate references Up to date references  Total 15General comment:                           


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