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Page 1 of 2 2020/21UNIVERSITY OF LONDONMSc ASSESSMENT 2021For Internal Students ofRoyal HollowayMN5335: INTERNATIONAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT.Assessment Submission Deadline:10am Friday 30th April 2021 (British Summer Time)THIS ASSESSMENT IS DESIGNED TO TAKE THREE HOURSAttempt 1 questionWord Count 3000 MaximumNo credit will be given for attempting any further questions.© Royal Holloway University of London 2021MN5335 Spring Written Exam 2021Page 2 of 2Question 1: International marketing textbooks often present Hofstede’sCultural Dimensions in order to justify the claim “that each nation has adistinctive, influential and describable ‘culture’”. Critically examineHofstede’s framework in the context of international marketing, identifyingand analysing two potential weaknesses with Hofstede’s framework.Question 2: In contrast with the American Marketing Association’s definition ofMarketing, other academics emphasise that marketing can be harmful tocustomers and/or society. Using examples, critically examine if marketingcauses more harm than good.Question 3: A global marketing strategy should choose betweenstandardisation or adaptation, with the choice depending on the nature ofthe markets for which the strategy applies. Critically examine this claim usingexamples to illustrate your argument.END


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