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Leicester Castle Business School Executive Company Project Project Brief – Organisation Information Start Date: 28th September 2020 End Date: 20th December 2020OrganisationName (Host): De Montfort University, Faculty of Business and LawOrganisation Address: The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BHNameof main contact: Leena Demirci, Kelly Grounds, Victoria SmithJob Title: Postgraduate Professional Development TeamTelephoneNo: Email Address: [email protected] background: (Include a brief overview of who you are and what you doContextThe faculty of Business and Law at DeMontfort University has ambitions to be world leading. With over 6000 undergraduate students and 1000+postgraduate students the faculty is one of the biggest in the country.To underpin robust professional development of all business school students, and in preparation for AACSB peer assessment and the demands of institutional Access and Participation Plan targets, it is necessary to map a strategic professional development offer for the immediate autumn term and longer term. This strategy will take into account the impact of the pandemic on the labour market and on the way careers services will be delivered in 2020-21.As part of our plans we want to develop a strategy for postgraduate careers and professional development and to differentiate our offer from our competitors, to ensure our postgraduate students receive world leading careers provision which stands them in good stead for employment or enterpriseWebsite: of Employees: 250+ in BALAnnual Turnover: Confidential Title of proposed project:Business & Law Career and Professional Development Strategy.ProjectOutline(Include a summary of the issue/challenge that you face and the primary tasks that you need to be accomplished):“Our goal in BAL is to be a world leading business & law school. We would like to invite the ECP students to help us shape our Career and Professional Development strategy by gathering data from their postgraduate peers on their thoughts, opinions, expectations and ideas on the following area:How does a world leading business and law school prepare its students for successful futures? ” Your task is to develop a strategy to present to the senior managers in the Career and Professional Development Team at DMU. To achieve this you are required to:Conduct interviews with BAL Postgraduate students from a range of postgraduate programmes Ensure focus groups are balanced with representatives from countries such as India and China represented Ensure focus groups are not too big or too small e.g between 8-12 participants Ensure conversations are captured (recorded – audio only) in order to be transcribed. This will enable coding of qualitative input and robust analysis / presentation of data. Authentic responses must be received. The questions below are suggested to help facilitate the focus groups. How does a world leading business and law school prepare its students for successful futures? How do you see the link between your university course and your future career? (prompts around linear/non-linear, earnings, …) In what ways should the university help you with your future career? (prompts around curricular/co-curricular, contact with industry/contact with careers staff…) Out of what has been discussed – what is ESSENTIAL and what is DESIRABLE?  What is the most important career help you need: before you arrive in term 1 term 2 after you complete your course (PGT) International students – what interests you most: Starting a good job in the UK after completing your studies or starting a good job in your home country after completing your studies. Why?What is the most important career help you need: before you arrive in term 1 term 2 after you complete your course (PGT) International PGT – what interests you most: Starting a good job in the UK after completing your studies or starting a good job in your home country after completing your studies. Why?Whatisyourdesired project outcome? (please note, all students complete a 8,000 word academic project as part of their ECP and you will receive an Executive Summary).A presentation on your findings to the senior management team outlining your key findings, and a copy of your ECP report.How many students do you envisage working on this project? Group of 3-4 Each student within the group can take ownership of different aspects of the project.Do you require the student(s) to be located at your premises or will they be working remotely?Please note, companies are expected to cover any travel expenses incurred and students require a minimum of one day per week to focus on their academic report.Remote ProjectWhat skills/knowledge do you require from the student(s)? (please bullet point)This project would be exciting for students interested in building a career in HR, Talent management or strategy. Ability to plan and organise time and people Awareness of challenges faced by international students studying in the UK Good communication skills Ability to work in a team to ensure successful outcomes of project An ability to make sense of data and present this in a professional contextWhat skills/knowledge/personal development do you expect the student(s) to gain as a result of completing this project? How to lead focus groups, and interviews How to develop a strategy for real world implementation Presentation Skills Teamwork and Leadership Researching and Labour market insights New networks Time management Communicating for business Digital Literacy SkillsAnyfurthercomments?The project supervisors will be available to help and support throughout the duration of the projectSigned: Leena Dattani-Demirci Date: September 2020 Please return to: [email protected] Leicester Castle Business School, Faculty of Business and Law For DMU staff completion only Academic Approval YES/NO Comments: Leicester Castle Business School De Montfort University Executive Company Project agreement This agreement sets out the terms under which a DMU student or students will undertake a research project on behalf of the Company. Executive Company Project (ECP) The purpose of the ECP shall be for the student(s) to investigate a specific business problem which the Company faces and to produce a report analysing their findings and making recommendations. The details of the student(s), the Company, the ECP and the duration of the project are set out in the document titled “Project Brief” attached to this agreement. The Company agrees to host the student(s) in order that they can complete a 12 week research project and subsequently produce a report which will be assessed by DMU as part of their programme of study. There shall be no payment either from or to the Company for this arrangement, although the Company agrees to reimburse reasonable travel expenses incurred by the student(s) when travelling to and from the Company’s offices or other locations on behalf of the Company in order to complete the ECP. The student(s) will agree these expenses in advance with the Company as far as possible and the Company shall pay any expenses in line with its own travel expenses procedure. Location The Company acknowledges that the student(s) will carry out some of their work remotely. However, there may be times where the student(s) will attend the Company’s offices, at times to be agreed between the Company and the student(s). Where this is the case, the Company shall ensure that it provides the student(s) with an initial induction and an appropriate health and safety briefing, and any equipment, facilities and amenities necessary in order to work on the ECP at the Company’s premises (e.g. internet access). Confidentiality If required by the Company, the student(s) will sign a specific confidentiality agreement (which shall be provided by the Company). The Company understands that DMU’s lecturers and examiners are bound contractually to ensure that confidential information which they receive in the course of their supervision and/or examination remains confidential. ECP Report At the end of the project the Company will receive a summary of the ECP report and its recommendations, although it may, if desired, request a copy of the full ECP Report. However, the Company understands and acknowledges that the ECP Report is produced by the student(s) as part of an educational programme and, as such, does not constitute professional advice. Neither DMU nor the student(s) can accept any liability for any losses resulting from action taken (or not taken) because of the recommendations or suggestions made in the ECP Report. Any intellectual property in work produced by the student(s) as part of the ECP, including the ECP Report, shall belong to the student(s). However, the Company may request and DMU will facilitate the granting by the student(s) to the Company of a royalty free non-exclusive licence to use any such intellectual property for purposes of the Company’s business, provided that the Company acknowledges the contribution of the student(s) in any published material. The terms of any such licence will be subject to agreement between the Company and the student(s). DMU’s responsibilities DMU acknowledges that it is responsible for sponsoring relevant international students for the purposes of their Tier 4 visa to study in the UK, and for ensuring that students are attending and engaging with their studies in accordance with Home Office requirements. Prior to the start of the ECP, DMU shall ensure that it provides guidance to the student(s) on the working environment and specialist advice to those students with additional support needs. Details of the main DMU point of contact for all matters relating to the ECP: ECP Team – [email protected] Company responsibilities The Company shall notify DMU without delay if it has any concerns about the engagement or attendance of the student(s) in connection with the ECP. This is particularly important in relation to international students. The Company agrees that it shall engage sufficiently with the student(s) so that they are able to complete the ECP. The Company shall provide DMU with the details of a specific person who shall be the main point of contact at the Company for the University and the student(s). Dealing with concerns If the Company has any concerns or complaints regarding the behaviour or conduct of the student(s), it shall report this to DMU in a prompt manner. DMU and the Company shall cooperate with and discuss with one another any concerns, problems or complaints raised by either of them or the student(s) in respect of the ECP. DMU shall notify the Company if a student is suspended or ceases to be registered as a student of DMU. DMU shall not be required to provide a replacement if a student fails to complete the duration of the ECP as set out in the Project Brief. Miscellaneous Equality: The Company shall comply with its duties under the Equality Act 2010 and, in particular, the duty to make reasonable adjustments where required by a student. Data Protection: the Company acknowledges that, in hosting the student(s), it shall receive personal data about the student(s) from DMU. The Company shall comply with UK data protection laws in processing that personal data. Liability: The Company acknowledges that DMU shall have no liability to the Company for any damage or loss arising out of the participation of the student(s) in the ECP (excluding death or personal injury caused by DMU’s negligence). Marketing: the Company acknowledges that DMU may use non-confidential information about the ECP and the Company in future marketing materials. DMU and the Company each confirm that they have read and understood this document and the attached Project Brief and are in agreement with them: Date: ………………………………………….Signed: ……………………………………….Print Name: ………………………………….Duly authorised for and on behalf of DMUDate: ………………………………………….Signed: ……………………………………….Print Name: ………………………………….Duly authorised for and on behalf of the Company


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