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Formative Assignments for PDP/ESAPTerms 4 and 5 Module TitleProfessional Development and Practice/Employability Skills and Academic PracticeStudent nameTerm currently attendingMarkers nameDate of assessmentTitle of assessmentOverall Grade/Mark Instructions:The following template covers the formative assignments for Professional Development andPractice (PDP) and Employability Skills and Academic Practice (ESAP) for both terms 4 and5.IF YOU ARE IN TERM 4 ONLY COMPLETE THE FIRST SECTION OFTHE DOCUMENT.IF YOU ARE IN TERM 5 COMPLETE BOTH SECTIONS.The formative assignments are connected to each other as well as the summativeassignment which is submitted at the end of term 5. The formatives are designed tohighlight your areas for development based on the BPP Career Ready Skill listedbelow:BPP CAREER READY SKILLS Communication Resilience and Wellbeing Emotional Intelligence Analytical and Technological Problem Solving Innovation Teamwork Professionalism Management and Leadership Self-DevelopmentSECTION 1:Term 4 students:From the above list, choose 2 skills which you haveidentified as areas of weakness which requiredevelopment.Areas for DevelopmentFor example, Communication skillsSituations in which the weaknesses can be addressedThe situations can be from either your academic programme of any part time work you haveundertaken. For example, group work in a specific module or interactions with colleagues,fellow students or customers. (Word count max 250)Actions to be taken to address the weaknessesThe actions can be, for example, recording your behaviour in a learning journal andanalysing the situation using either Kolb’s, Gibbs or Hall’s reflective cycles. Taking coursesand reading books, articles to address the weakness are also actions taken. List as manyactions as you feel are required. (Word count max 250)SECTION 2:Term 5 Students:Based on the 2 BPP Career ready skills you identified interm 4, outline what happened in the situations andwhether you have succeeded in addressing the selectedskills. Please provide evidence that you have addressedthe areas for development.Actions taken to address the weaknesses with evidence.For example, from your learning journal describe what happened in the situation and howthis area has improved as a result of your actions. If you have attended any relevantcourses, please provide evidence of certificates or screenshots of online badges etc andattach them in an appendix.. (Word count max 250)What was the outcome based on the actions taken.(Word count max 250)Identify further areas for development from the BPP Career ReadySkills.


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