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a) Using MATLAB, read the flight data into the workspace and write some analysis software to help answer the following questions pertaining to the flight data. You must justify your answers in each case.• Show the trajectories flown in 2 dimensions (latitude and longitude) for each flight on the same figure/axes. Create an additional figure/axes to show the altitude profiles of each flight. On the aforementioned figures/axes find a way to display/visualise ground speed throughout each trajectory without using labels or an additional axis (i.e. do not use a 3D plot). Using the available data, estimate and show the flight time and velocity components (i.e., velocity in the north, east and down directions) for each flight.• Using the data, your plots (see above) and additional research, estimate the runway heading and length, circuit direction, circuit type and aircraft performance class (see Fig. 1) to create a diagram similar to Fig. 1 that best represents the circuit you believe the data to be representing. Include an overlay of the flight in the data set you believe to be the ‘best’ circuit flown. • Five of the seven flights (5/7) were flown in no wind conditions. The remaining two flights were flown with a non-zero but relatively constant wind in both direction and magnitude. Identify the flight numbers that correspond to the circuits flown in wind and estimate the wind direction and magnitude. b) Using MATLAB, write a basic flight simulator using a simplified 3DOF aircraft motion model. Use your flight simulator to: • Create the ‘perfectly’ flown circuit based on your research of how a circuit should be flown for the aircraft performance class you identified in (a). Quantitatively compare the ‘perfectly’ flown flight with the flight simulator data. (Max 200 words) • Select one flight from the flight data set in (a). Use your simulator to try and replicate this flight. Comment on the suitability of using such a motion model to replicate the flight. (Max 200 words)


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