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Assignment: Identify a public health issue within a specific population group. Explore this issue in relation to the following holistic dimensions: cultural, physical, mental, and social. Explain the role of the nurse in contributing to public health in relation to raising awareness amongst the population and in facilitating people to make health enhancing choices. (2000 words ) Assessment criteria and learning outcomesntroduction (approximately 200 Words) and rationaleYour introduction should identify everything that you are going to discuss in your essay. This gives a clear plan for the main part of the essay, known as the body of the essay. It enables the reader to understand your thinking which will be developed as the essay progresses and it helps you to ensure that everything that is important in the essay is included in a logical order. The introduction also should mention what your conclusion is. Identify the public health issue you are going to discuss and the specific group that this affects, and the ways that they are affected. Include a rationale / reason (s) for selecting the health issue and the group it affects and justify this information using examples from the professional and academic literature around the topic.Discuss the relationship between physical, mental, and social health and the rationale for adopting an integrated approach to health and well-beingYou need to define, identify, its impact on mental and physical health. Discuss how cultural health beliefs and national and global influences increase the risks.Identify the global and national influences on determinants of health and consider how these affect health and well-being.Define the concept of determinants of health and identify which determinant(s) of health you will be focusing on and their relevance to the specific group and public health issue that you have chosen.Review factors contributing to inequalities in health outcomes and consider strategies to address these.You should define inequality in relation to health and consider how this impacts upon the chosen population group in relation to the public health issue that you have identified.Describe the importance of effective therapeutic communication in stimulating an awareness of health needs and empowering groups and communities by facilitating health enhancing activities and influencing local and national policy.You should define and discuss why health promotion/improvement is important and how it can address issue you have identified. Remember to link this to the role of nurses to improve public health (NMC Platform 2).Consider the way in which nurses use therapeutic communication and other communication techniques to influence the health of individuals, groups, and communities in order to make positive changes to their health (for example: giving health advice and education, having an awareness of legislation and policy (and getting involved in developing policy on a local/ national/international level) , personal counselling and community development approaches)Explain the importance of health promotion and the role of the nurse in supporting people, groups, and communities to lead healthier lives across the lifespan.Provide an example of nurse’s health promotion/ improvement work in your chosen area.Conclusion (approximately 100 words) .


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