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EL4895 MSc Project 2020-2021Project Proposal Form1(To complete by the required deadline and submit via Turnitin) Student’s Full Namesand IDVikramreddy PinreddyG20846564Supervisor’s FullNamesDr. Geng FengCourseMSc Additive Manufacturing☐MSc Applied Data Science☐MSc Intelligent Maintenance Engineering☐MSc Maintenance EngineeringMSc Mechanical Engineering☐MSc Mechatronics and Intelligent Machines☐Project TitleReliability Optimisation of the Electric CarBrief Description(To provide the aimsand objectives of theproject, and brieflyexplain therationaleandmethodsemployed if possible.)The aim of this project is to provide comprehensive guidelines to improve thereliability optimisation of the electric car.The objectives are :- To access the basic principles and technologies used for reliabilityoptimisation of electric vehicle. To deliver recommendations for performance increment of electricvehicle. To optimise the methods in reducing energy consumption.Resources neededMs Word 1 Updated to use since Semester 2 2020-21.EL4895 MSc Project 2020-2021 EthicsDo you need face to face interaction in your project?☐If yes, please complete a form – Request for Face-to-FaceParticipant Interactions during COVID-19.Are there any ethical considerations in your project? Before youcross the box, please complete the ethics checklist.☐If yes, an internal ethics approval procedure is required.Data ProtectionAre there any considerations for data protection in your project?Before you cross the box, please complete the data protectionchecklist.☐If yes, an internal approval procedure is required.Health and SafetyAre there any risks regarding health and safety in your project?for example, using a workshop/lab in the UCLan campus, ortraveling to visit.☐If yes, please specify.A health and safety risk assessment shall be taken.Intellectual PropertyRights (IPRs)1. Is any confidential information to be processed?☐If yes, a form of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) needs tocomplete.2. Does any potential research finding need to beprotected?☐ Supervisor’s signature: GFeng Date: 16/02/2021Student’s signature: Vikramreddy Pinnreddy Date: 15/02/2021


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