rotary-operating teeth | My Assignment Tutor

Please see the link below(from 2:38 to 2:57) It is the rotary-operating teeth. I want you to make that by using inventor professional 2021. For an expert, it is easy to make. I want ipt drawing file and iam assembly file. It seems the rotary-operating teeth has 3 components. Circular teeth. I want its diameter 190mm.Crank. Crank is Circular Triangle. Circular Triangle! It must be spinned so that the arm pick up teeth in a irregular way!!!! 34 extrusion teeth in the video, but less number of teeth is fine if the rotary-operating teeth is working well.Irregular-spinning arm. Again, the diameter of circular teeth is 190mm. The number of teeth does not matter if the rotary-spinning is working well. The dimension of irregular-spinning arm does not matter, either. The due is 9:00 PM, Saturday, May 8th


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