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You are tasked with building a simple mobile web responsive application that will display  Vehicle Registration information for a user.  A NSW Vehicle registration API is available at: Requirements  • Display a summary list of the registrations (Rego number, Car details, Expiry/status). • On selection of the registration in the list, display full details about the registration. • You may use web or mobile technologies as indicated below  • There are 5 types of Vehicles (sedan, hatch, wagon, suv, truck)  • Only the last 4 digits of a VIN number should be visible  • Dates should be displayed in format “DD Month YY”  • Display how many months of registration are left for the vehicle and whether it has  already expired.  Other notes  • For Web: You may use JS frameworks, React.js is preferred  • For Mobile: React Native is preferred, but also iOS SDK (Swift/Obj-C), Android SDK  (Kotlin) is allowed  • You are allowed to use third party libraries if you wish  • Please provide any supporting documentation to run the application • Please ensure your application runs on at least Google Chrome  • Please use git for source control  • Please add unit tests where you believe coverage is needed  • We are looking for clean and well-structured code Optional – Nice to have(s):  • Handle API failures  • Handle no network connectivity (caching)  • Attractive UI/UX Submission  Fe1.1 


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