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1S&OP Cranfield Currency Company caseassessment© Cranfield University 2017Critique the CCC S&OP process against the pre-requisites for S&OPand explain the implications of the weaknesses for the S&OP process.Consider each of the following 5 pre-requisites as described in thelecture and defined by Ling and Goddard (1988):• Commitment and People (20%)• Defining Product Families (20%)• Planning Horizon Length (20%)• Time Fences (Demand and Supply) (20%)• Supporting Tools (20%)Note: consider the CCC S&OP process as it is by period 3 but you can useexamples from the other two periods. The first pre-requisite “UnderstandingS&OP” is not to be covered.Word count including Appendices, but excluding title page and referencelist: 1000 maximum (+10% tolerance) so effectively 1,100 words maximum.Hand in date: Friday 30th April 20212S&OP Cranfield Currency Company caseassessment© Cranfield University 2017Assignment TipsFamiliarise yourself with the Qualitative Assessment Criteria,which can be found under Assessment and Feedback onBlackboardDiscuss assignment in teams but ensure its an individual reportStructure the assignment using the questions as headings – nooverall introduction or conclusion is requiredUse the percentage allocation for each question as anindication of the appropriate word count per questionDemonstrate a clear understanding of the conceptsProvide valid arguments, supported by evidence from the caseand the literatureUse appropriate referencingNo waffle or restatements of either theory or case material withno clear purpose


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