ASSIGNMENT ECON862 – STATISTICS FOR BUSINESS ASSIGNMENT Due Date: Week 9, 11.45pm on 14/05/2021 Long Question 20 Marks The table below shows the results of a breast screening trial. The purpose of the trial was to determine whether X-ray screening is an effective tool for reducing deaths from breast cancer. Potential subjects were drawn from an at-risk group. The potential subjects were then divided into two groups – those who were offered X-ray screening (the treatment group) and those who were not offered the X-ray screening (the control group). Participation in the trial was voluntary and it ran over a number of years. Not everyone who was selected for the treatment group participated in the trial (i.e. they did not receive X-ray screening even though it was offered to them). The results of the trial are shown in the table below. There were 31,000 people in each of the treatment and control groups. Of those in the treatment group, 20,200 accepted the offer of the intervention and 10,800 refused it. The column Breast Cancer shows the number of deaths and deaths per thousand for those who died of breast cancer during the trial period. The column All Other shows the number of deaths and rate of deaths per thousand from all causes other than breast cancer. Write a brief note describing the results in the table. Was the trial successful? Do the results support wider use of X-ray screening for breast cancer? Your note should not include any formal statistics, but it should serve as an introduction to a formal analysis. [400 words]How would you go about the process of evaluating the results of the trial? What formal tests would you use, what comparisons would you make? [200 words] Notes: Your answers should be written in full sentences and paragraphs. Part of the grade is for the answer, part of the grade is for the writing.This question is taken from an important historical problem. While it is not tied to a specific part of the syllabus, it relates to issues with the use of statistics that we have discussed in lectures. Table 1: GroupBreast CancerAll OthersizeNumberRateNumberRateTreatmentScreened20,200231.142821Refused10,800161.540938Total31,000391.383727Control31,000632.087928


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