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4/28/2021 School of Energy and Electronic Engineering 1/1University of PortsmouthLogged in as UP953448 | logoutReturn to main menuReturn to main menuSchool of Energy and Electronic EngineeringStudent Project Database System AGREED PROJECT DEFINITION – MSc: MAIN PROJECTProject InformationLocation and resources neededLocation & Resources ConfirmedWarning : If the report is not submitted or is unsatisfactory, the overall project mark will be scaled by a factor of 0.5Close Student NameRaj Samirbhai ChauhanLogin Nameup953448Hemis no.953448Course StreamMSc Jan 2020 IntakeCourseMSC ELECTRONIC AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING WITH PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE(MSc_EEPE)Email [email protected] RobertsonModerating SupervisorManish Malik TitleUser-Biometric Interaction Automated Assessment (Face)CodeJJR-1DefinitionCompletion dateFriday 21st May 2021 23:00 The project will investigate the area of user-biometric interaction, looking to capturing face images based onstandard definitions set by ISO/IEC working groups. Automated assessment and capture of a ‘correct’presentation made by a user to a sensor in real time would benefit many systems reducing the likelihood ofmatching errors. Erroneous presentations, then, need to be rejected and categorised by the system as arejected sample.The project will make use of the Kinect V2 Sensor, an affordable RGB-D sensor that is able to track and processuser body and face positions in real time. Microsoft has introduced the Face Tracking API through Kinect SDKwhich is built using C# or C++ programming. An application should be made to capture body trackinginformation and process a photo image to determine wherever the presentation meets pre-definedrequirements.Good knowledge of C++ or C# programming is required for this project. Previous experience using imageanalysis techniques is desirable. LocationComputer (type of machine)Windows 10Software (language; package)Kinect 2.0 SDKHardwareKinect V2 (Provided) Technician SignatureAssigned locationComments EVIDENCECategoryWeightReportLogbookObservationDeliverablesResearch Quality10Experimental Investigations15Analysis and Design15ImplementationSimulationFormal modelling30Test and Evaluation10Report Quality20 Ethical ClearanceThe project has been reviewed in the light of the checklist defined by the Technology Faculty Ethics CommitteeThe following ethical issues have been identified for this project :-none Student SignatureSupervisor SignatureModerating Supervisor Signature © University of Portsmouth 2021


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