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Assessment 02 – guidelines Video Sequence Produce the response/visualisation that you have proposed in your essay. Create a video (as .mov or .avi file) using the skills learned in the workshops and theories discussed in the lectures. Make sure you reference any online and offline tutorials you have used creating this sequence. Adapt them to your needs, do not simply copy them!It’s very important that you reference (and credit) any source material you use like video footage and sound. They can be used as objects in your sequence but should not be the main building block, e.g. do not show 15 seconds of Avatar or similar. Your sequence must have audio and include at least two different text/graphic effects and reasonably demonstrate a range of After Effects skills. Dimensions HD 16:9 1280 x 720 25fps When you are making your composition you can use the preset HD/HDVTV 720 25, 25fps (or larger but output using the settings above). Evaluation Write a short critical analysis (500 words) reflecting on any changes to your original idea, handed in with your submission, together with reference tutorials and any source materials you have used. Please also add screen shots of your After Effects sequence that show the layering and effects used (add these to your Evaluation). Submission: Google drive – a link for a shared folder will be sent to your university email account – add:video sequenceevaluation reportscreen shots  Please see assessment criteria in module handbook.


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