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For this summative coursework, each student is expected to have selected one of the above companies and have researched it during the duration of this module, and have completed and submitted the ‘Case Analysis Companion’  prior to recording this assessed group discussion.  7BSP 0355 0206 Case Analysis Companion- Coursework 2 (Formative)-21-1.docxdownload  .  This summative group discussion is worth 35% of the total module mark while the Case Analysis Companion is worth 10%. Choice of companies: (Select one per person per a group): Alphabet(USA), Burberry (UK), Etisalat (UAE), Hochtief(Germany), Tata Group (India), Safaricom (Kenya), Nitendo (Japan) (Pinduoduo (China), Pfizer (USA), Petrobras (Brazil). Further instructions In preparing for the group discussion I’d like you to pay attention to the following. Also refer to the attached document so you understand how your work will be marked. Be meticulous! Remember this is an examination and like any other exam, you need to revise, research, rehearse, and come prepared to demonstrate you understand and know what you are talking about; hence avoid reading directly from your script.  Please don’t ignore your team members in favour of reading, eyes down,  during your whole presentation  instead, present like a TV news presenter; look down at your notes only to prompt you.Before your individual presentation, remember to state, clearly and accurately the reference details the company you have selected e.g when it is founded, where the head office is located, its vision, mission, and key objectives, industry/ industries it operates in etc. Key this introduction short.  Do also remember to cite other sources showing that you have done background reading that is connected in topic with your chosen company. You could show these citations on a slide throughout your presentation and discussion, to save time.During your individual presentations, please ensure you and all your group members have your names, clearly and accurately on your camera images when you speak. All members must keep their video cameras on in your group so that you can all observe each other’s body language for e.g. encouragement, doubt, disagreement, understanding, level of engagement and so on.  Pay good attention to what you can then observe, and non-verbally offer too. Use both verbal and non- verbal skills to encourage inclusive group participation. Remember your individual presentation should not last more than 5 minutes. At the end of each individual presentation, do remember to thank the previous presenter, and to address them by their preferred name.Your review should be well structured, critical and needs to demonstrate clearly how each question has been addressed, where possible use examples and cite any additional readings.Your whole group must be respectful and attentive to all others during the whole reading. University examination guidelines apply to this task.Ensure you all look presentable and professional (just like in any professional business presentation).Speak clearly and slowly so the others can follow your review .The maximum number of students per group is 5 and the maximum length of the group video is 50 minutes (10 minutes per student).After each student’s individual presentations, engage in a group discussion for about 5 minutes paying attention to the marking criteria under the subsection labelled ‘Compassionate Group Management Skills.’ Do pay attention to the marking criteria  (See the attached document). Once the group has finished discussing the presenter’s individual review, the presenter will thank the group and invite the next presenter. This process will continue until all students in the group have presented/ discussed their chosen company. 11.  Select one person to submit your recorded video on the module canvas under the following assignment (7BSP0355 0206 Coursework 2 Summative task ( Assessed Group Discussion) using this template. 7BSP0355 0206 Group discussion submission template 2021 (Judy Willetts)-1.docx download 12 Submit your Case Analysis Companion here (this is assessed for completion, and evidence of your preparation for this coursework). It is particularly helpful in assessing your engagement with research. 7BSP 0355 0206 Case Analysis Companion- Coursework 2 (Formative)-1-1-1-2.docx  download   13.  Refer to the assessment criteria so you understand how you will be assessed. Please enter your details in this form and submit under this assignment HBS Grading Criteria for Individually marked Online Topic-focussed team discussion Jan 2021 (1).doc  download  


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