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 PREMIUM COMPANY PROFILEHarvey Norman Holdings Ltd30 June 2020 About IBISWorld IBISWorld specializes in industry research with coverage on thousands of global industries. Our comprehensive data and in-depth analysis help businesses of all types gain quick and actionable insights on industries around the world. Busy professionals can spend less time researching and preparing for meetings, and more time focused on making strategic business decisions that benefit you, your company and your clients. We offer research on industries in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the UK, Ireland, China and Mexico, as well as industries that are truly global in nature. Contents Company Details 3 Contact Details 3 Introduction & History 3 Brands, Businesses, Products 5 Key Personnel 6 Company Personnel 6 Other Directorships 6 Financials 7 Profit & Loss Statement 7 Balance Sheet 8 Growth & Ratios 9 Financial Growth 9 Financial Ratios 9 Revenue & NPAT 9 Segments & Industries 11 Operating Divisions 11 Key Ratios 12 Industries by Operating Segment 13 Geographic Locations 14 Geographic Locations – Ratios 14 Industry Averages 15 Financial Ratios 15 Growth Ratios 15 Competitive Environment 16 E3021 Commercial and Industrial Building Construction 16 L6712b Retail Property Operators 16 G4211 Furniture Retailing 16 G4212 Floor Coverings Retailing 17 G4221a Domestic Appliance Retailing 17 G4222 Computer and Software Retailing 18 G4260 Department Stores 19 Shareholders 20 Largest Shareholders 20 Subsidiaries 21 Holding company 21 Joint ventures 21 Partnership 21 Subsidiaries 21 Trust 51 Service Providers 53 Providers 53 Company Details Contact Details ContactHarvey Norman Holdings Ltd(Harvey Norman)A1 Richmond RoadHOMEBUSH WEST New South Wales Australia 2140Phone # 02 9201 6111Fax # 02 9201 Postal AddressPO Box: Locked Bag 2 ,DCHOMEBUSH WEST ,New South Wales ,1811 Company Details Business Line: G42 – Other Store-Based Retailing in Australia


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