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Project titleHow to expand Sochitel’s business to business (B2B) model into other countriesCompany/business nameSochitel UK LtdCompany/business locationLondon, United KingdomOutline of project/challenge (max 30 words)What opportunities exist to map Sochitel’s existing B2B business models to other emerging markets in Asia and South America? Flipping this around, what lessons can we take from these emerging markets to support our own development?Business benefits (bullet points) The groups provide research to shape future business models. The business is able to gain from the latest project delivery methodologies within academia. The business is able to harness a wider pool of talent to get a more diverse viewpoint on its projects. The business is able to help a cohort of students (CSR).Project outcomes/deliverables (bullet points) A review of Sochitel’s business data to determine the success factors in its current B2B business model. Analysis of the socio-economic and technological situation in the countries in which Sochitel operates successfully. Analysis of emerging markets in Asia and South America (and wider) to identify business opportunities for Sochitel. Recommendations on where Sochitel should seek to roll out its B2B model in the future. Recommendations of how lessons from the development in other emerging markets could be used by Sochitel in Africa.Skills and experience required (bullet points) Good communication skills. Data analysis (qualitative and quantitative). A willingness to learn. A willingness to challenge preconceived ideas and to remain open-minded to future change. Self-motivation and willingness to self-start.Experience students will gain (bullet points) Experience working as a team on a real-life business problem. The ability to learn from experience in a no-blame situation. A range of experience relating to project management. Briefing an executive team on their findings. Deep analysis, evaluating different options and providing recommendations.University supervisorCompany/business supervisorStephen Walters (Chief Strategy Officer)Individual or group projectGroupResource requirements (if any)


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