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Supply Chain Systems Modelling (7LO510) Coursework – Assessment Guidance Coursework assessment: Individual written REPORT (3000 words +/- 20%) Submission date: Uploaded to Turnitin by 10th May, 2021, 11.59pm (UK time). Scenario The first 4 tasks use Quality Quorn Ltd. (QQ) s a case-study. These tasks are all management science problems based on this organization. The final task requires you to reflect on the module as a whole and also give further real-life applications of the techniques. The assignment brief can be found in the assessment section, see Assessment brief SCSM 7LO510 2021. Learning Outcomes to be assessed: 3 Evaluate critically the necessity for quantitative analysis in the strategic context.Apply appropriate quantitative theory and methods to a supply chain scenario to aid decision making in a strategic context.Critically evaluate the results of such an analysis and new knowledge learnt in the business context. Considerations in preparing your work: Do not include your name anywhere on the report only use your student number. This is to ensure conformity to the university’s anonymous marking policy.Submit one word document only this should include screenshots from your EXCEL spreadsheets.Provide a header page for your work. An example is provided on page 3 of this document.Write your assignment in Microsoft Sans Serif or Verdana font (use size 12 font).Please use line and half (1.5) margins.Use page numbers on your work.Use the following structure for your work: An executive summary of the key skills you have acquired and how the management science techniques studied throughout the module might be applied commercially.A numbered contents page with page numbers for each section of the report. Include a list of figures here.Introduction – this should provide an outline the general approach to answering the tasks. This section will be very brief approximately 100 words.Main Analysis – Each task will be a section (aim to make each task approximately 600 words). Remember all figures, charts and graphs are excluded from the word count. Remember to use figure numbers and give a title for each chart and briefly comment on why you have included each chart, what does it tell you?Conclusions – This section is task 5 and should outline in more detail real-life examples of applying the techniques (this will probably be approximately 350 – 500 words);References – please note it is NOT a Bibliography. Only the sections 7c, 7d and 7e are included in your work count.You should include a minimum of ten (10) academic sources (references) in your work. While there is no maximum number, although it is unlikely to be more than thirty (30). Avoid web references but focus instead on the key text and include a range of management science and supply chain texts and journals to supplement your own subject knowledge and understanding.Please do not submit your EXCEL file but instead take screenshots and insert them within the flow of your answer. Each screen shot needs a figure number, title and citation.Do not use the first person or first person plural in the narrative (e.g. I think; they said; we believe etc.). Approach in terms of the analysis, the report, the examination, the evaluation, in task 5 you may use the term the author to refer to yourself (i.e. use third person narrative).Work within the word tolerances is (3000 words +/- 20%)Do not use anything other than Harvard style citing and referencingThe mark for each sub question is given in the assessment task, use this as a guide for the level of detail required.Good luck. SAMPLE HEADER PAGE UNIVERSITY OF DERBY DERBY BUSINESS SCHOOL Supply Chain System Modelling (7LO510) Coursework Student I.D. XXXX1234 Date Submitted: Wednesday 10th May, 2021 Coursework Word Count: 3100


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