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reflected in your final grade calculation and displayed in the Canvas Grade book. This is your case assignment. Your point of reference for this assignment will be The Right to Contract Out, found as the attached pdf document. HRM 6635 CASE ASSIGNMENT.pdf download You are to address Questions 1 through 5. Please address these with an eye toward that which is technically allowable and that which is ethical. You may approach this in a similar manner to your primary essay in the discussion board cases. As for format, I want you to place a title heading on your submission, include a heading for each question response, and address the questions in paragraph style. Use the APA Style Guide format for your headings and your reference citations. Where the discussion board case calls for the citation and incorporation of one outside academic reference, I want you to find at least three references that have material that is on topic. Incorporate salient points from that material within your treatment of the case and cite those sources according to APA guidelines. As to the question of how many pages, no less nor no mor


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