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DEPTH OF UNDERSTANDING /MANAGEMENT ISSUE/ OBJECTIVES (20%)1st marker’s comments:Abstract is provided showing an overview of research. Poor understanding of themanagement issue. Aim, objectives and research questions are presented but these are notconsistent with the ECP. You focused on technological issues in teaching and digitaldivide which deviates from the requirements of the ECP. If there was a change in theECP requirements, this should be clearly stated in the report, including the rationale forthe change.Partial grade302nd marker’s comments:Although the digital divide is an interesting topic to explore and find a better way ofimproving teaching and learning in this pandemic, this diverges from the specifications ofthe ECP which revolves around students’ career progression. The research questions andobjectives also misalign with the aim, albeit these are broadly worded.Partial grade30RESEARCH DESIGN / THORETICAL CONCEPTS / QUALITY OF ANALYSIS (30%)1st marker’s comments:Topics covered in the literature review relates to the objectives presented. However, theECP is focused on student career and professional development, hence the literaturereview should consider literature relevant to the ECP.Research approach, data collection method and analysis technique were mentioned but adescriptive research design is not appropriate for the research. What is the criteria forparticipant selection? A sample size of 3 interviews is rather insufficient to provideinsights to the project.Poor application of thematic analysis. How did you arrive at the themes used in theanalysis? This is inconsistent with the questions in the interview guide.Partial grade522nd marker’s comments:Your referencing list suggests that you read widely to understand the problem you aretrying to address. However, the report is not consistently structured to follow a robustresearch design. Literature underlying the digital divide (page 9) and the development ofyour conceptual framework (page 11) is weak, albeit it does not cover the core theme ofthe ECP. It is unclear how you arrived at your research gaps. You moved on to themethodology and data management sections where you introduced extensive literature.The structure of the report is very confusing. I also struggle to follow your methodologywhich lacks clarity.Partial grade50APPROPRIATENESS OF CONCLUSIONS, RECOMMENDATIONS (30%)1st marker’s comments:Conclusion is provided from the findings and discussion on how the objectives wereachieved. Recommendations are mostly generic and not specific to the ECP.Partial grade552nd marker’s comments:You provided conclusions and recommendations that do not relate to the focus of theECP although you attempted to draw such conclusions from the findings and discussion.Partial grade54PRESENTATION, LAYOUT, REFERENCING (10%) 1st marker’s comments:Overall, the report has an adequate structure and presentation. However, several parts inthe discussion are incoherent. Harvard referencing is appropriately used but several partsare missing relevant in-text citations.Partial grade602nd marker’s comments:Although some sections were properly structured, the overall organisation of the reportcould have been logically presented to engage the reader. Adding to this is the confusionaround ECP objects which are not addressed. Your referencing list is good but there aresome syntax problems.Partial grade58PERSONAL REFLECTION (10%)1st marker’s comments:No reflective piece providedPartial grade02nd marker’s comments:None providedPartial grade0OVERALL COMMENTS (IN CASE OF FAIL, ADVICE TO STUDENT)Overall, the report shows a lack of understanding of the ECP brief. The ECP is focused on how DMU BAL canprepare its students for successful futures. You are required to conduct interviews to provide insight on strategiesthat can ensure DMU BAL postgraduate students receive world leading careers provision which stands them ingood stead for employment or enterprise. The report presented is focused on online technologies issues and digitaldivide which completely deviates from the ECP.


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