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1FIN201 “Financial Management”CASE STUDY – Worth 30 Marks & Due Date Sunday 16 May at 5pmThe main task of a financial analyst is to perform an extensive analysis of financial statementsthat is used in various aspects of financial decision‐making in business. A business growing andextending internally and globally are depend strongly on making the right decision that hinge onhow the financial information are analysed and interpreted in both internal and external financialdecision contexts.In Australia, entities are becoming larger, more diversified and multinational. For example,National Australia Bank (NAB) is one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia interms of market capitalisation, earnings and customers.1 In addition, according to the Banksaround the world website,2 NAB was ranked 53th largest bank in the world as measured by totalassets in September 2016.The National Australia Bank (NAB) and its reported profit and totalassets for the year 1996 compared to 2016. YearReported ProfitTotal Assets1996$2.1 Billion$174 Billion2016$3.5 Billion$738 Billion As a financial analysist, you required to:1) Obtain recent financial reports for The National Australia Bank (NAB) and any other bankoperates in Australia for a minimum of 2 consecutive years. Summarize the net profit achievedfor years selected and evaluate the profitability, financial liquidity and solvency for both years(and both banks) using financial ratios. (Attach financial statements) (15 Marks)1 Based on financial statements obtained, comment on the financial profitability and financialposition of NAB and the comparative bank for both years and explain how banks that managecurrent assets well may establish competitive advantage? (650 words) (6.5 Mark)3) Write a report to advise the manager of NAB to make Investment decisions based on theresults of point 1 and 2, and common investment appraisal techniques that may be applies forinvestment decision making activity for domestic and international investment. (650 words)(6.5 Mark)(2 marks for number of words and direct quotes)


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